Monday, December 10, 2012

monday with miss olive

hi every body!

how are you this monday?
i is fine.

this picture of me,
 was taken
 while i was staring at
our christmas tree!

i thinks
our tree is very pretty.
it has lots of twinkle lights on it
and shiny beads and glittery balls
hanging from the branches.

i really like to stare at it.

i think they put that tree
up just for me!

so i can stare at it !:)

sometimes when
i think 'they' are not looking... 
i quietly sneak up and stare real closely
at the glittery balls
i bat at them with my paw! 
ooooh, fun times!

i usually get caught though.
out comes the dreaded
squirty water gun.
i get squirted right in the face! 
eeeeeeeeeek. & hissssssss.

this is why i try to do it
when 'they' are not looking
and most of the time
i do not get caught! 

i hope you are having a
good monday.

do you get in troubles
when you get close to your tree?
or do 'they' let you play 
and climb the tree?

i would love to do that
but, i really don't like 
the squirty water gun!
nope, not one teeny bit!

oh wells.
i will just go find 
some socks from the hamper
 to bat around instead. ;)

until next time;
this is olive
wishing you a good day
and merry cat-mas. :)



Jen Forbes said...

I have a three rurry friends and a roll of toilet paper if she wants to come over and play ;)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

We like posts by you, Olive. They are always read aloud to the whole family.

We don't have any cats, but we used to spray our kids with a squirty water gun.

:) :) :)

That corgi :) said...

you look mightly cute sitting on the couch!! I bet the tree is dazzling to look at!! Enjoy it!


thisisme said...

Hi Olive. I love your posts, and I think you look full of mischief looking up at the brightly coloured tree! Just waiting for an excuse to leap up and do some serious damage. Hee Hee! Try to be good, because Christmas is coming, and I'm sure you are looking forward to a nice present from your family. Purrrrrr!


Cute kitteh.