Tuesday, November 6, 2012

write it down.

i have always loved
playing around with
my handwriting.

maybe because i am
a leftie and so many
of my teachers wanted
me to hold my pencil
the 'right' way and turn
my paper the 'right' way...

i think also
it is another form
for me to be creative!

i volunteered to take
sermon notes for our church.
sometimes i am writing
so fast to take it all down
that when i get home
i want to redo those
notes because it looks
sloppy! ha

i love to write poetry,
to write & journal.
i blog, draw & sketch-
and i love to sing...
so my handwriting seems
to me to be another form
of expression. :)

i chose today to
write it down.

today is election day
and i choose joy & happiness
no matter who wins today
i serve a might KING.

and then just for the love;
here is miss olive
who has become quite the
love it.



AMY said...

You have Beautiful handwriting!
My son is a lefty and very artistic and creative as well. He is the 1st lefty I have ever know or been around. I've learned so much in the last 10 years about lefties! He loves to draw.
I really believe that Lefties are much more creative and imaginative!
I LOVE my lefty!!!

Sweet Tea said...

I have a theory that one can judge a person's mood by comparing their handwriting during different days. just a thought...I too have decided to be happy regardless of the election outcome. Different ideas and the right to vote one's mind is something to be thankful for regardless.

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

I'm loving the quote! And jealous you are in Washington - I love that state!

The Cat From Hell said...

Hi there!
Me is Penelope and me is the Cat From Hell and me saw yous joined the Tuxi Club (which my bratty little brother belongs to) And me thought me would stop buy and visits yous!

Anonymous said...

Loving your capital H's.

I really like the way you wrote "thine smile" Very pretty.

Nonnie said...

I'm choosing peace about the election outcome. I know God has it all in control.

Tuxedo Gang said...

Hi Miss Olive!! We would love for you to be a Tuxedo Gang Member! If you can send us a picture of you we will introduce to to the Tuxedo Gang next Tuesday!! Also can you send us some information about you, too!!
Just send it to the TuxedoGang@ gmail.com
Have a wonderful day,
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang

Kristin Cho said...

That's the most gorgeous lefty-writing I've ever seen! Heart your blog, so nice to meet you!!

Azara said...

Your handwriting is so pretty!