Thursday, November 8, 2012

seeing the good

i am a true believer in
seeing the good .

the good
of waking up &
smelling coffee.

the good of my family;
the joy & love they bring.

hearing the whistling 
of the wind
as it blows against
my window. 
the smell after the rain washes
everything brand new
or the rays of sunshine
that peep out from
the blue sky.

the good in a new day
and second chances.

in forgiveness
and love.

in friendships.

the good in life.

in promises
of hope and a future

the good in people
& the kind
action of others.

the smile from a stranger.

it is pretty simple really.

do i want to be a person 
who sees good
in everything around me?
in the people in my life?
in my blessings?

do i want
to constantly find bad 
in everything?
to dwell on all that is dark?
to be discouraging to others?

there is much to be thankful for-

sometimes the beauty
gets overshadowed by
the ugly.

i choose
to stop and look around 
at the beauty that
is in every single day!

and you?
will you join me
in seeing the good
and beautiful today?

i desire to inspire
others to see the good.

to be thankful.

i do know that for some right now on the east coast
seeing the good is very hard!

i also know that there are people who are sick or
have a family member who is sick.

there are so many  people who have suffered loss.

my thoughts and prayers are with those who
are suffering right now.

may you be surrounded with love
and lifted by the prayers of many.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this and YES I will join with you to see the good....all around me!

Patty said...

We had another storm here last night on the East Coast; cold, windy..and snowy. Very snowy.

A one hour trip back home took 4, accidents were everywhere and there was no escape as alternate routes were almost impassable.

But, this morning, I left for work and wrapped myself in the first snow of the season, something I look forward to every year. Said a prayer for everyone still dealing with the aftermath from Sandy and enjoyed seeing trees packed with snow as I drove along. It was beautiful and peaceful, made me forget about the bad, at least for a while.

Lovely, Melody. Thank you!

Just Jenn said...

Love this!!!!! :)

Anna said...

Love this! This is definitely inspiring! :)

Robyn Burke said...

Thank you My Dear Melody Mae for helping me to always see the good. You are such a bright shining light in my life. I AM a glass half full kind of girl but sometimes we need the encouragement of another sister to keep things in focus. Love you dear-heart. <3

Amy Powell said...

it's always good to remember to be thankful for what we have! thanks for the reminder :)

xoxo, Amy

I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

Bad Joan said...

Lovely post!

Bad Joan