Saturday, November 3, 2012

antique hunts

thursday was my
best friend's birthday.

i got her a gift card to barnes and noble (our favorite)
 and then
decided to make her
this mug; 
i stuck the 
gift card inside it!
i found the idea
for the mug on where else
but, pinterest!:)

we went shopping
on friday
a road trip to a 
neighboring town
full of  fabulous unique shops
and lots of places to shop for antiques.

i found my window
i have been holding out
for my
remodeled kitchen!

i found a set of TEN bible story books
numbered 1-10
all sitting there on a shelf
just waiting for me to love! :)
along with that
was a
jack and janet
school reader
yes, it too
had to come home with me. ;)
picture is not the best :(

and then a went a bit bonkers
for the jewelry in
all the boutiques!
bracelets, necklaces and 
more bracelets.
my name is melody-mae
and i have a
and book obsession! LOL

both of these were in 
separate booths
and i loved
them both.
i didn't purchase either but, i
did snap pictures! :)

we had a wonderful day,
and ended it by meeting
both our husbands at one of
our favorite places
to get burgers;
red robin!
it was a great time.

have you been on any
antique hunts lately?
what do you usually
look for?

i leave you this saturday afternoon
with one more thought;

do not forget to change your clocks!



Sweet Tea said...

What a great birthday gift for your friend. I just love getting to celebrate b-days with my friends, so I understand your joy in the day...Right now, everytime I get to shop antique or thrift stores I look for postcards - they are hard to find. I belong to a postcard group and love to find any type of picture postcards..

Anna said...

That mug is adorable! :)

~julee~ said...

I love the personalized mug idea for gifts!

myshelomitashop said...

I love that mug!

Empty Nester said...

Love, love, love that mug! Hope I can remember it and make one for my BFF for Christmas! Also love the way you spent the day! There is a town near my mother that has antique shops all through it and I love going there. Haven't been in ages though.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

ahhh you are a woman after my own heart!!! xxx

Mama Ds Dozen said...


We MUST go antique shopping together.
Books & Jewelry . . . YES. Please.

The little mommy/baby picture . . . I have a cross stitch with the same poem . . . have had it for 25+ years . . . read it over and over and over when my house was FULL of The Littles.

Window? Can't wait to see it! You need to come see the windows/french doors that I use for decor in my house. :)

Burgers? Oh.My.Yes. Red Robin is our absolute favorite. California Chicken Burger . . . haven't had one since I started this diet 4 months ago. Yummm . . .

Yes . . . an Antique Trip and Red Robin lunch definitely needs to be on our agenda.