Thursday, November 1, 2012

thrifty thursday

it has been awhile
since i posted a
thrifty thursday post.

here are my latest finds;
the booties from a consignment store
and sweater from goodwill. :)

these (nine west) black booties
 yeah, the camera phone
didn't do a great job!
anyway these black booties are awesome!
i mean they are 
nine west and leather!
i have a pair of suede grey ones from target
and really wanted a pair of black...
these were 8.99
i had credit at this consignment store-
so i paid nothing!
cannot beat that in my book!

this (gap) grey and black paisley cardigan
from goodwill for 4.99
gotta love my cardis! :)

have you been doing any
thrifting lately?
what did you get?
or do you even shop
at thrift stores?

on this rainy thursday
i leave you with this thought;

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ”
nelson mandela

may you share you beautiful smile
with others today
and shine your light!

have a wonderful day!



Patty said...

I have these same exact booties, in Black and Dark Brown...hate to tell you what I paid for!

They are fabulous...enjoy!

dandelionfleur said...

Nice! My favorite find of this season is a pair of Italian red leather loafers that I found on Etsy for $25--they were brand new. I can wear them with almost everything!

Mama D's Dozen said...

Last week, hubby was just headed out with the boys . . . to drive 10 miles to the mall . . . to look for a pair of tennis shoes for 12 year old son.

15 year old daughter says, "You should stop at the consignment store down the street first." (Seriously about 3 blocks from home.)

A few minutes later Papa calls to ask what my consignment number was (to use my credit on acct.)

YES! He bought a nice pair of Nike tennis shoes for about $8.00. Saved over $25 on the shoes . . . plus gas to drive to the city . . . plus time.

So thankful that dear teen daughter LOVES to shop at thrift stores . . . and tells her Papa to, too.

Shining my smile over to you . . . on this dreary grey day.

:) :) :)

Ashley Greeno said...

That's an impressive haul! I love the boots :)Thrifted outfits always make me so happy! I'm stopping by from Royal Daughter Designs and just wanted to say thanks for entering my giveaway. You're the best!

Sweet Tea said...

I want a GOOD Thriftstore. Wah! Wah!
I'm soooooo jealousA,,

That said, I found a great baby consignment store and will be going back very soon.

Robyn Burke said...

After our coffee date, I scored 7 things off the dollar rack at the consignment store! sweeeeeetness!!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi, Melody Mae, thank you for reading and following my a second I will be one of your followers as well...I look forward to speaking with you often! Have a great weekend!

~julee~ said...

Awesome find on the booties!!

Katherines Corner said...

cute! Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Tuesday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)