Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

wishing all of you
a happy halloween.

i plan to make carmel corn
and eat every single bit of it! LOL

we never get any trick or treaters
other than the grandson(s)

how about you?
do you celebrate halloween?
do you get lots of trick or treaters?
what is your favorite treat?

let's take the time tonight
to shine our lights;
to be kind to all the little ones
that knock on our door
and flash them one of our smiles!




Mama D's Dozen said...

We choose not to celebrate Halloween, but enjoy making it a Family Night at our House.

We turn off the outside lights and all of the lights on the main floor. Then, we head downstairs to our big fun Rec. Room for a Pizza & Movie Night (which the kids always look forward to).

Tonight's Pizza: Papa Murphy's Cowboy and Papa Murphy's Stuffed Chicken Bacon. Yummm . . .

Tonight's Movie Request: Madagascar III

Hope your day is BLESSED . . . despite the sogginess.

Let's do COFFEE soon . . . gotta tell you all about Puerto Rico.


Laurel :)

Sweet Tea said...

You are sooooo good.
I am sooooo bad.
If you read my blog you'll fully agree. LOL