Wednesday, October 3, 2012


*i love this cream sweater which 
i found at a little boutique
it seems to get worn
 usually once a week! (if not more)

*a new off the shoulder sweatshirt from etsy :)

love the scripture, and just had to buy it! ;)
'my treasure' necklace is from lisa leonard.

*blouse is vintage-
 i found it
while thrifting :)

the scarf
 is a hand me down from my daughter;
when they down sized before
moving for missionary work
in austria

jeans from old navy
and the shoes?
oh yes, i love these
thrifted red heels! :)

just a peek into
what i have been wearing this past week:)

i have begun
hauling out my cozy sweaters
and scarves
in preparation for 
the fall weather.
what about you
what do you love to wear for fall?



running4him said...

cool shots!!! I love clothes shopping!)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

such cute finds. I always love an off the shoulder anything- its relaxed but stylish :) have a terrific wednesday.

thisisme said...

Lovely to see these fashion shots again! I remember when you posted these quite regularly! Love that off the shoulder top and the inscription. Also the jumper in the top photo. Also the red shoes.Oh, all of it!! Hee Hee! Yes, it's certainly time to turn out our jumpers and warmer things from here on in. Hope your little family in Vienna are coping well.

Wonder Woman said...

I love your curls! Are they natural? :)

Sophie @TheForge said...

I really like your hair :) and the relaxed, cozy outfits!

Sophie @TheForge said...

I really like your hair :) and the relaxed, cozy outfits!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to check out this Etsy shop... cute clothes AND a constant reminder of a valuable piece of scripture?? Yes please!

melody-mae said...

Yes, my curls are natural! :) I always have had curly/wavy hair...when I was growing up I tried to 'blow them out' and then I went through chemotherapy and the curls came back stronger than ever and I embraced them!!! :) :)

dandelionfleur said...

You have a beautiful and relaxed style!

Nonnie said...

Love the sweatshirt with the Scripture. One of my favorites too. I love pulling out long sleeve tees and jeans in the fall.

Nonnie said...

I really like the sweatshirt with the Hebrews Scripture. I love getting out the long sleeve tees and jeans for Fall.

Sweet Tea said...

Love your look - especially with the punch of those red shoes!! Not much changes here by way of Fall clothing. The weather remains quite warm till Thanksgiving, however we do begain to wear fall colors with our flip flops. :-)

Amanda said...

Your hair is adorable! And naturally curly like mine! :)

And I want that sweatshirt - I love it!!

Carrie Teal said...

I love the boots and cozy sweaters like yourself, because I am always cold even in the summer. Thanks for stopping by.


mary said...

I love thrifting I found good stuff in a lower price. Love that red shoes too.


Outside Looking In said...

I love your hair!! I'm a scarf collector so I love that too!

Jessi said...

Love the sweater, the scarf, and especially those shoes!! And your glasses are super cute too.


Style Journey said...

LOVE your scripture sweatshirt! I love to wear boots, scarves and cozy sweaters in the fall :)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Love your white sweater. Thank so much for stopping by my blog yesterday. You comment so made my day :)

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Oh. So. Cute. :)

Can't wait to start wearing all of my scarves. I also love my high heeled ankle books in the fall/winter.

Can't wait to lose another 50 pounds . . . then I might be ready to go shopping with you. Would LOVE to shop a few of your favorite thrift stores . . . and get your eye for cuteness.

So fun to join you for coffee last week. Thanks.


:) :) :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

What a great sweater!