Thursday, October 4, 2012

sunbeams & smiles

(via pinterest)
and this i know;
that you find what you
are looking for.

if we always look for ugly
we will find ugly.
if we look for the good in
others and in our life
we will find good.

i am and will always be;
a glass half full kind of girl.

my hope is that you too
dear friends...
can find things today
that make you smile
& you realize

life can be beautiful
if we look for beauty!

will you join me today
in smiling and shining
your light?

desire to inspire
fellowship friday:)


Ernestine Edna said...

Yes! I'd love to join you! :) what a simply geat post! Simple and great! :)

thisisme said...

Beautiful post, and I just adore your pretty new blog header! It's lovely. I hope you don't mind if I borrow that quote by Roald Dahl for my blog!

must love junk said...

Love this! Thank you for your sweet comment and following-I'm happily following you back :)

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

It's the simple truths that are the most profound. New follower :)
So glad you stopped by and left such a lovely comment.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! I so admire those who can pour so much wisdom into just a few words! Very well written, thank you for linking up!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

And I raise my half-full glass of fresh apple cider to you!
Happy Fall!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love this!! So true!

Sweet Tea said...

Smiling and shining.
Such great thoughts and truths.

Katherines Corner said...

lovely! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say thank you. xo