Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it arrived.

fall has arrived

bright orange pumpkins
and colorful gourds

scarecrows and cornstalks

fall brings cinnamon spice tea
and pumpkin spice latte's

the glow from our fireplace
lit last night

warm fuzzy blankets

cozy sweaters, tights and boots
have been added in to
the wardrobe again

a hat & gloves when i
went on my morning walk today-

all of these little signs
and much more
mean that fall has arrived.

what does fall mean to you?


1 comment:

Chris Graham said...

I love Fall! It just comes at a different time way down here on the bayou. Cool weather is a beautiful respite form the heat and humidity.
It is a little cooler here so thanks are in order. The beautiful colors
are beginning to be appear. Most are in the decorative form but that is OK.I am still thankful.