Monday, October 8, 2012



little pieces
of my life;

day in and day out

time goes by
never really slowing down

time rushes

on & on
never really slowing down

i share
a few photos 
my life.

this life-

in the kitchen window

in my hutch

my daughter found my grandson
a frog out in our field

this is how miss olive
spends most of her days ;)

a dahlia cutting farm-
we are going again
on wednesday for more
dahlias and u-pick pumpkins

one of our walks
my husband and i go on
is in a park.

and we always pass this 
we have begun calling it;
the hobbit house.
the roof is thatched
(rumor has it that they, shipped the materials in from holland)
the house is all done in brick
 and the gardens are

of life.

if we stop and look around
taking the time
to enjoy 
these moments; 
it really is
 lovely indeed.

this monday.
may you take time 
to enjoy 

of your life.



Sweet Tea said...

Life IS all about "the pieces".
(all smooshed together of course).

Hobbit House. LOL

thisisme said...

Hi Melody. What a lovely idea for a post. That house is delightful, and I love the idea of a dahlia farm! The little figurines in the kitchen window are really cute. I'm interested to know what your meaning of the word hutch is. Over here a hutch is where a rabbit lives!

melody-mae said...

*this is me: hutch for me is a china hutch/cabinet?! It is where I keep most of my ironstone china. It sits in my kitchen.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

your cat is so adorable

Thoughts for the day said...

love that house you walk by, how inviting ...