Monday, October 29, 2012



i sit in a warm
and cozy home
with the glow 
from our fireplace
bringing me
joy and comfort.

i sit and
 watch the news;
the devastation
that is expected
on the east coast from
hurricane sandy,
and i feel
so very thankful
for all my

the wind is blowing
and it is raining here
at home...
but, it
makes the excuse to
not go outside for my walk
seem so trivial
when i think of 
what is going on
over on the east coast
and for that matter

 all. over. the.




Rachel said...

Beautiful. I wish I had a working fireplace ;) Stay warm and dry! You're a great writer!

Linda Chapman said...

I join you in prayer.....sitting in our RV nursing a cold and/or allergies while watching the news and thinking of how many people and how many lives are being impacted by this 'Frankenstorm.'

Sweet Tea said...

Amen. I share your thoughts.

tammy doane said...

I share your player.

tammy doane said...

I. Share your pyayer.

Just Jenn said...

My heart is heavy for those affected. Prayers for their comfort and believing God to meet their needs.