Friday, September 7, 2012

on this friday

it is friday!
can we get a whoo-hoo!?

we have had a lot of
little things to accomplish
before our daughter leaves
 on tues.

the biggest being;
an engagement party
this sunday 
for her and her fiance'
here at our house.

there is a house to clean
and a yard to get ready
and of course pedicures
to enjoy...;)

my daughter and i
have enjoyed her stay 
here at the house;
we have been getting up
and walking and talking 
every morning-
what a wonderful way to start
my morning!

i have so many things
to be thankful for and 
grateful for this friday!

source: pinterest

i hope that you my friends
have many things this friday
to be happy for
as well!

the sun is shining
how about you?
are you shining today? :)



Mama D’s Dozen said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy. :)

We must meet for coffee and a walk next week, after you say your "see you later" (because we don't say "good-bye") to your sweet daughter.

:) :) :)

Linda Chapman said...

This is a perfect Friday post!! What a treasured time you and your daughter are having. May your weekend plans go AS planned!

mare ball said...

I love time alone w/ my daughter. So glad you've had that w/ yours. It's the best! Congrats on the bride-to-be!