Saturday, September 8, 2012

sunshine & coffee

sunshine. coffee.
window shopping. antiques.
 thrift & used book stores.

time with my

memories made.

what a great way to spend
a friday!

look at this throw i found
while thrifting.
it was a whole $2 :)
i washed it up 
and love
the fall colors!

and then
oh my goodness,
i called my daughter over
because i couldn't 
believe what i had
just found...
a vintage chalkboard
on sale for $3.25
i almost screamed
but, instead 
hastily picked
the prize up and 
held it close to my
chest until i 
payed the cashier! :)
it will look adorable 
in our playroom
for the grandkids!

we are planning
to finish yard work
and do a bit
of decorating
for tomorrow's event.

what do you have
planned for today
or for the weekend?

whatever it is
i wish you;
joy and happiness!

let's shine.

Thrift Yo Self


Linda Chapman said...

You scored some fabulous treasures!! We are spending a liesurely morning in our camper!! Reading, eating, having coffee, playing games on Facebook (Scrabble and Words with Friends) for me while LD is listening to music on YouTube. It Sauturday all over the place!!!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

We have been working hard to get our school room and curriculum all ready for our 22nd year of homeschooling. So, I am trying to finish up that project today. I "only" have 4 kids at home this year (for the first time in 24 years), so am excited to really be able to focus on these youngest 4.

Hoping to take a few hours in the sunshine this weekend . . . don't want it to get away from us without enjoying it.


:) :) :)

thisisme said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Friday, and you scored a couple of lovely bargains as well. Result!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friend.

Windy City Mama said...

What a great way to spend the day. Love those finds. V sleeps with her Dad's baby blanket which is similar to yours. Love it.

JACLYN said...

Fun finds!!

Chris Graham said...

You spent a beautiful day yesterday.
Time with your daughter, thrift store (a good thing), found some treasures, and working in the yard.
Pure joy in my mind.

Shana said...

LOVE that throw..and I totally screamed inside when I saw the pic then read your excitement! haha I love that feeling!!

Thanks for linking up! so happy to have you part of the Thrifters Anonymous Crew!!!

Looking forward to more finds!

Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

Privet and Holly said...

Awesome finds!
Hope your event
was a BIG success.
My daughter and I
enjoy the exact
kind of day you,
love them!

xo Suzanne