Tuesday, September 4, 2012


life on a farm especially this time of year
can be a bit crazy!

there are fields to mow
and grass to put up, manure to get out
and corn to harvest and...

the list goes on and on!!

there are times that i barely see my husband...
this is the season i refer to as 
my 'widow season' on the farm
because he works from the time the sun
comes up until it gets dark. 
(or the work is done, is it EVER done!?)

today in fact, he was up at 3:30 am and said he will be 
going until midnight...
yes, this is the life on a farm!

but, there are blessings living on a farm
that totally outweigh all of the other things.

raising a family on a farm is the BEST!

(these last three photos were taken this summer-before jack moved to vienna)

my husband was raised on the farm
that we now own- 

and so were all three of our daughters!

yes, the best place to raise kids. :)

so the other day while he was working,
my daughter and i went out on the RTV
and checked the corn, blackberries and
a nearby spot that has overgrown 
pear, plum and apple trees 
just waiting to be picked! :)

my daughter picked a whole lot more 
blackberries than i did!
i was more concerned with all the pokey stickers and
of course the cobwebs! :(

she even crawled up on the back of our RTV
so she could reach the pears, plums and apples!

and then after we got them home
we washed them and feasted
on a wonderful assortment of farm grown food!

the corn this year is some of the sweetest we have 
had in a very long time. It was so delicious!


with the bountiful harvest from the sun 
and the abundant yield of the seasons;

deuteronomy 33:14

fall is starting to show up in all the retail stores,
while here in the pacific northwest
i feel like we are still enjoying the sunshine!
it takes so long to get here and then it is fall!  ha.
i am not sure i am ready for it yet!

school has begun; i hear the football players
practicing next door at the high school...
with school starting it is a sign that fall is on its way!

it also means i will be hauling out the fall decor, 
cozy blankets, scarves, sweaters and boots too! ;)

are you ready for fall?



Joanne Haagenson said...

lol We woke up yesterday to cloudy cold and I thought "No!! I'm not ready! We just GOT the sun, it can't go away already!!"

We took a family vacation to Minnesota recently and stayed in the farmhouse that my FIL grew up in... It was very cool!

In Which We Start Anew

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I am so.not.ready to pull out the Fall Decor. As long as the sun is shining brightly (with 70+ temps) I am going to pretend it is still summer. :)

We had a picnic at the beach yesterday, so it definitely still felt like summer.

And . . . with homeschooling . . . we often work through the rainy month of June, so that we can take a slow start to schooling in September. Yep. It's still Summer Vacation at our house.

Love the pictures. Love the farm. Always dreamed of living on a farm.

Oh . . . summer is when I become a "Painter's Widow", so I am looking forward to having my husband home again when the temps cool off too much to paint houses in the evenings.



songbyrd on the mountain said...

I love that we both live next door to schools. :)

Jene King said...

Fall is so beautiful...season changes and so do we. We grow in so many ways as just as our grandchildren and children who sprout in length. I love the bountiful harvest of fall from all farmers, its hard work and humbling work. Thank you for being here.

"thisisme" said...

What a lovely post Melody-mae. I'm sure growing up on the farm and bringing up your children on the farm must be very special indeed, although very hard work of course!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Im so ready for fall!! My husband grew up with this type of life and i envy him for it!! I wish i would have grown up on a farm! Your farm looks gorgeous and so does the FOOD!

Thoughts for the day said...

I am very ready for fall, warm fires and cool days, wearing layers and feeling cozy. I love it.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a lovely post about life on the farm.