Monday, September 3, 2012


you know how when
something or someone
keeps popping into your head

those whispers that God sends to you?

you ignore them for only
so long until you say;
okay God, i hear you!

well, a lot of changes have
been going on in our sweet family
of late.

the biggest change being
the move of one of our
daughters and her family
to vienna, austria for missionary work

the other being our youngest
daughter who along with
her fiance will be moving
next week to california. (only two states away) ;)

none of our girls
have lived with us
for quite some time,
in other words;

we have adjusted to being
empty nesters.
quite nicely, in fact! :)

but, we enjoy a lot
of family time and
many get togethers
with our girls and their
so my husband and i
are trying to adjust to
these changes.

we also have been
experiencing changes in
our church family as well.

so, yesterday
a new sermon series
began for september.
you guessed it.

on prayer.

a few points/notes
i took were:

*it is not how you pray
but, THAT you pray.
* God is working on
what he wants for you.
*God is not hiding from us.
he WANTS us to know him.
*prayer is getting dialed in
with God.
*prayer is a relationship that
God is calling us into!
*prayer is getting in tune
with God.

so, okay sometimes
it is a whisper that he
sends my way...
not this time!
take a baseball bat and
just smack me upside the
i need to pray more!

and then, what happens?!

i get my email from:
time warped wife
and it is all about
a challenge to pray!

not just any prayer...
but, to specifically pray
for our spouses.

yep, smack me with
the baseball bat again!

i have decided to join
the challenge that
time warped wife is issuing
and pray daily for my husband
and our marriage.

i am going to listen-

be in tune and have a
better prayer relationship
with God
which in turn can only
better my marriage and
my life in general.

on this labor day
amidst all the picnics
and family time...
may you have time to
glance over at your spouse
and say a prayer of thanksgiving
for him!



Thoughts for the day said...

Good thoughts and YES we do need to pray for our husbands. They go out into a world out there that we 'cannot' understand and it is our 'job' to pray for their safety, their spirits, their integrity, their choices and most of all that they know and understand 'we love them',
thanks for the reminder.

Thisisme. said...

What a lovely post for us today Melody-mae! A timely reminder for us all to pray for our husbands and to be grateful for them. Blessings to you my friend, and I hope you are coping well.

songbyrd on the mountain said...

We may not have written similar blog posts this time but what is funny is that we seem to subscribe to the same blogs! Yes, Time Warp Wife was in my inbox this morning too... And from Christian was a reminder about prayer and allowing God time to speak to me. Humbling reminders but oh! so timely!! thanks Mel for your constant faith and abiding love in this life of bloggers and joggers (or in our case, walkers) love you my friend-- hope to get together with you soon!

Janice's footsteps said...

Love this post and YES the reminder that "it isn't about what we pray for it is that we pray!!" so true so true. I am putting my husband in the tops of my prayers tonite for sure I always say how thankful I am for him and his patience but I do fall short on praying for him during the week. Sunday at Church it is easy to add him but now I need to make him tops on the lists :) Thanks for sharing this was a blessing:)

Katherines Corner said...

Beautiful post. Hugs and wishes for a lovely week ahead.