Thursday, August 23, 2012


keeps marching on-
minutes turn into hours
hours turn into days
and before you know it
days turn into months
and months into years!

it just keeps on going 

never mind that 
you might
not be willing to
let it.
it doesn't ask for permission
it just keeps on 
'keeping on'.

sometimes life
seems like a blur-

so many things on the 
i want to just 
pull the blankets up
tight around my chin
and ignore it all!

but, this is really
not in my 

i am a fighter-

and so,
i  do not give up.

i look at a calendar
filled with 'busy' things
and instead of letting it
overwhelm me
i choose to be

that i have busy things to
help me 
not miss the family,
who moved so very 
far away!

our youngest daughter
graduated from college this past spring
and life just keeps going on!

i am and 
always will be
 a glass half-full
kind of girl!

keeping busy
is the key,
now if only
i could go and 
take a nap! :)



Susan Kane said...

I love this so appropriate poem. It is where I am as well.

Congrats to your daughter; she accomplished some mighty big things all at once!

Thisisme. said...

Hi melody-mae. Didn't your youngest daughter do well. Many congratulations to her. Best to be busy than to dwell too much on things my friend. Take care.

songbyrd on the mountain said...

half full, half empty, either way there's room for more (wine that is) ha ha! Yes, we do strike a similar cord often my friend. maybe we need to do some DNA testing? Although I suspect they'll find the connection is spiritual. love ya!!

Nonnie said...

I'm feeling the same here. Wishing I could stop the clock, take another breath and get back on.

Mehul said...
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mare ball said...

Congrats on the college grad and the new son-in-law! How happy your girl must me!