Friday, August 24, 2012

hi, it's olive!

hi everyone!

it has been awhile
since i was able
to get the computer
to myself! :)

my 'mommy'
brought me to the doctor

i made all kinds of
moaning and crying 
noises all the way
to the office.

mommy told me
to calm down
but, it did not work
very well.

when we arrived
at the scary doctor's office.
it smelled like dogs
and i heard a dog
barking in the other room.
it made me nervous
and i stuck up my hair
on my back
so that everyone would know
i didn't like it there! ;)

the doctor 
weighed me
and listened to me
and said i was healthy:)
mom and i 
didn't have any doubts! 

then the doctor
gave me some kind of 
drops in my mouth
and she
tried to bribe me
with a treat while she 
got out a needle-
yeah, i didn't want
anything to do with that!

now i am home.
i am exhausted.
i cuddled for awhile
 with mommy,
so she would know 
that i wasn't mad
at her
for taking me to
the doctor
and now;

it is time for a nap!

going to the doctor is
very exhausting!



songbyrd on the mountain said...

Looking for the 'like' button. ;)

Sweet Tea said...

I totally agree- going to the doctor IS stressful. Happy you got a good report and a nap afterwards!

Shawn said...

Oh my, Miss Olive, we fweel you pain! Mom takes us to the dogter..specially Winston...and we no likey!!
They do unmentionable fings there....soooooooooooo
We fink you deserve extra treats, and cuddles, tonight. Hopefully that's you last visit fow awhile...unless you have to go in for a Ladygardenectomy. Chloe had that and she had to wear the Cone of Shame for a whole week!

Your furiends,
Winston, Chloe and Cevil

Shawn said...

Miss Olive,
Please keep us posted when you have to go to the hospital for you Operashun ..the Ladygardenectomy..cuz we will pack our bags and travel to you house to take care of you! Chloe is a great nurse, Cecil makes the best healing tea and Winston...well, Winston isn't much help butt he likes to take road trips!
Chloe, Cecil and Winston

Pam Lofton said...

Aw---how sweet! We have a new vet who practices holistic vet services and she comes to the house!!! WooHoo! AND, Tucker likes her!