Monday, August 20, 2012

he fills the gap

is the 
fourth monday
my daughter, son in law
and three year old grandson
moved to austria.

what is totally amazing
to me, 
is how 
God totally stepped in-
how he
just covered me!

while taking notes 
for the 
facebook page;
there were
a few things
that stuck out
for me:
my sermon journal

the main message that
really got me?

stepping into the gap.

stepped into the gap
for us.

it got me thinking
about how truly
 faithful he is 
to me.

i was
 floundering around
after my
daughter, son in law
grandson left -

i use to
babysit a
few times a week,
which means 
i now
 a 'gap' in
my life
they moved away.

Jesus stepped in.

he has filled me-
 he has given me 
all kinds of
busy things 
to see and do.

into the gap 
for us when
he hung on the 
he continues
to step in-
we don't even realize
we needed him to,
until he does it!

i am thankful-
for God's 

he continues
to cover me,
my family
those i love!

oh, yes-

do you have
something you
are thankful for?
has he 'covered' you
or filled a 'gap'
in your life?



Thisisme. said...

Lovely post Melody-mae. I am so glad that God is covering you and filling the gap that your lovely family left behind. I hope that they are gradually settling in over there in Vienna, and that you have got the hang of Skype by now. USE IT! It's a real Godsend when you have family living away. Hugs coming your way.

Nonnie said...

Beautiful post and rings so true in my life and all of us if we take time to think about it. Yes. Use the skype. Blessings as you discover more of the different ways He fills in the gaps for you.

dandelionfleur said...

yes, Jesus is standing in the gap as I write. And I love how we mortals mark time (fourth monday...).

Outside Looking In said...

Thanks for posting this. I needed to read these words. God has "stepped in" lately with providing me with not obvious riches or "quick fixes" that this world demands, but friends who pray for me, incredibly timed comments, articles, and now blog posts. I've been wondering where He is in some tough situations lately and He always answers. I need to remember to open my heart to hear.

Lydia Criss Mays said...

It makes "gaps" so beautiful. Thank you for that perspective!

Happy seeing beautiful!