Friday, August 3, 2012

reunion time

for over a year now
we have planned,
gotten together and laughed,
reconnected & organized
our high school class reunion.

it will be a two day event
tonight is only our
classmates at a cocktail party
and tomorrow will be our
catered dinner and huge get

i am very excited to see everyone
and reconnect!

it also couldn't have come
at a better time than this

other than the fact that
 tomorrow is the hubs' birthday,
so we plan to celebrate
on sunday afternoon for him. ;)

off to make my appetizer~




Janice's footsteps said...

Have a great time I think the 2 day events make it nice on the reunions because it lets people loosen up in a less formal atmosphere. Sounds like a good weekend for you all, hang in there and Happy Birthday to your husband!!

Sweet Tea said...

Lots of great blogging material in your life right now. Can't wait to read about it all. Enjoy!!