Monday, August 6, 2012


after a busy and very full weekend
i am sitting here reflecting
on the past.

the person who went to her
class reunion this weekend
is not really the same person
who left there so many years

a girl who walked the halls
years ago, pretended she had
all the answers but, really
was very insecure in many ways.

she might have looked like
she had it all together to others;
participated in all the 'right' sports,
hung out with all the 'right' people,
a girl who really, truly was just
trying her best to fit in just like
the rest of her classmates-

that girl
arrived at the reunion
and with no worry other
than the fact that she
wanted to reach out

to make sure that every
single classmate was acknowledged
and given a smile or a hug-
shining her light and reaching out
with friendship!

it was wonderful to
witness so many classmates
also mingling & reaching out to
each other-

no longer cliques and 'groups'
but all of us classmates who
have all grown older
and hopefully a little wiser!
taken at the friday social get together ( no spouses.) :)
thank you to a sweet friend for taking this!

hubbie and i 
before walking
next door to the class reunion

one of the BEST highlights for me
that night was when a childhood
friend since 5th grade walked
in the door...
she was in my wedding and i
have not seen her in years!

talk about warming my heart!!

i am already thinking about
when i get to see all
these awesome friends again!



Thisisme. said...

We certainly do get older AND WISER, don't we my shiny friend. Good to be rid of all those cliques and that everyone reached out to each other. I love those photos and I love your dress. Cute photo of you and your husband.

Shelly said...

What lovely fun! How many years has it been?

songbyrd on the mountain said...

We've done it again... our minds clicking in the same direction. :) love your reflections. this was by far the best reunion of them all. like fine wine.... lol..... looking forward to more connections building stronger. Love ya!!

Bethe77 said...

Classmates and reunions. Awwe the traveling of many years and memories shred with those who watched us grow up and as we reflect who we were and who we are now. I had a reunion this weekend that I had helped planned but was unable to attend due to the emercgy suregy I had the week before. But I was reading your blog and the event was shred earlier wih me it transported me back. Thank you for sharing this amazing evening with us. Blessings

Sweet Tea said...

When there are no more divisions in the ranks one knows they have really grown up. You are a beautiful little thing, Melody Mae, and you heart is as pretty as you are. Glad you had a good time!!

Jen Kershner said...

What a lovely sentiment to go to your reunion with. It almost makes me want to go to one!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

How beautiful! What a wonderful time reunions can be, as they offer opportunities for us to see more beautiful with wisdom, confidence, and kindness. So glad you had fun!

Happy seeing beautiful!