Thursday, August 9, 2012

oh, how sweet!

my daughter and son in law
were a huge part of the worship team
at our church for the past 4 years or so.
the last two sundays before they moved
i was asked to sing with them
as part of the team
and was honored,
as it blessed me so much to
be up there singing with my girl
(we use to do quite a bit when she was younger)

so, now that they are in austria
there is a huge hole in the worship team-
& i have been asked to sing with
them on a regular basis which is so much fun!
*i love lifting my voice and praising!

anyway, the story goes like this;
i am at worship practice last night
and during a break i grabbed
my phone to check to see if i had
anything, and lo and behold...
i had a text message from a high school friend!

before she left our class reunion the other night,
we exchanged emails and phone numbers
i told her to text me anytime-
the next morning i texted her to tell
her how awesome it had been to reconnect
with her and that i would love to see her again.
she was going back home to arizona
and swore the next time she was home
she would let me know...

so, i get a text from HER!

the text says: are u walking in the morning?
me: yes! are you here?
her: yes, i am at my parents house.
where do you walk?
so i proceed to tell her some of my walking
we made a date to walk this morning
at 7am.
we walked and talked for over an hour and a half
and i mean we WALKED, this was not a not stroll!! ;)
*no wonder she looked so amazing at the reunion,
that girl can WALK!

we had such a great time visiting
and catching up some more!

i also found out she comes home every
couple months or so to visit her parents!
she promises to let me know when we can
get together again!

oh, how sweet is that?!

life is lovely!

i am SO thankful today, for friends
yes, thankful indeed!

how about you?
do you have something you
are thankful for today?

will you share it with me?
i would love to know what makes
you happy and thankful! :)

let's shine!
see beautiful today!



Nonnie said...

Old friends! I am thankful for every friend ever, music, singing, and even make a list fairly frequently of all I'm thankful for.
Your daughter will see so many beautiful sights in Austria. Hope you get to visit.

Sweet Tea said...

God is filling the void of your kids who are in Austria, by bringing back your old friend, and by giving you a place on the worship team. No telling what else he has on store for you! I am thankful for a low-stress lifestyle - it's a beautiful thing!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Oh, how special. What a wonderful relationship to rekindle.

I hope your daughter and son-in-law are well. As Andrew and I just returned from Vienna visiting my sister and brother-in-law, we miss it terribly. It's such a wonderful place!

We're also having a See Beautiful blog hop today if you're interested. We're seeing lots of beautiful (just to dangle the carrot a bit):

Happy seeing beautiful!

CraveCute said...

What a great story. It's always nice to re-connect with old friends!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi to Olive from Madi...we thank you for hopping over from Sugar's blog hop to say hi
hugs madi and mom