Monday, August 27, 2012

just a smile

i posted about these statistics
a year ago on this blog
about the affects
of a smile:
according to my recent prevention magazine;
seeing a loved one smile produces the same
brain waves as finding out you won $40,000
the article also said,
that those who smiled the most
lived an extra 7 years, on average!

now, any of my consistent
blog readers will know
that i blog a lot
on smiling,
shining our light
being 'shiny'
sharing your light and smile
with others.

we have chances every day
to share with others.
each of us can reach out.
it is pretty simple, really.

when we are standing
in line at the grocery store
and the young mom in line
has a crying baby/toddler
and seems to be at wits end,
maybe your smile will let her
know that she is not alone.
that you understand.

the checker or barista
who has had a trying day
could use a customer
with a smile.

you never really
know what is going on
in someone's life.
maybe the person who
just pulled out in front of you
in traffic just got bad news
from the doctor.

our sermon yesterday
was a reminder
of just how a smile can
make a difference;
pastor Steve
told a story about
a woman who had left
a suicide note-
she said,
that if someone smiled at
her today no one would
ever find this note.

we do not know do we,
how much someone might
need a smile,
that show of kindness,
like a little bit of sunshine
to let them know that
they are not alone
and that their life
does matter.

it  really doesn't take much
of an effort to smile.
only a few facial muscles
and it could be the
only light in someone's

will you join me
this week in smiling?
making a point of
smiling at others
that you see this week.

i challenge you to
share just ONE of your
many smiles
with someone
this week!

will you?

let's shine our lights

be shiny my friends

Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” 
― Steve Maraboli 



Nonnie said...

Oh yes, ma'am. I make it a point.
Smiling is good for us too.

Nonnie said...

Oh, yes ma'am!! I agree wholeheartedly with you and thanks for the reminder. I have been the person who needed a smile. We all do.

songbyrd on the mountain said...

:) I need a smile today! and I will be getting-- and giving-- one soon-- got a skype date with the kiddo's this afternoon!