Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a picnic in the park

letter p~

i have what i guess one
might call a 'bucket list'
of sorts...
things i would love to do as a family,
before our daughter, son in law
and grandson move
to Austria, in july-
if you want to learn more about their
mission i wrote about it in this post
or you can read their blog:

here are a few things on that
'bucket list'-

*a picnic in the park after church-
so we can enjoy a family hike &
croquet or bocci ball...

*i would love to take a drive up to
mt. baker and visit picture lake;

it isn't a very far away from
where we live
we have been there many times.
it is amazing!
i would love to share this
with the family again-

*i am trying to plan a weekend get away
to our favorite cabins at
thousand trails in laconner, wa!
which means we could
walk along the beach on the pacific ocean!

picnics, parks, picture lake, pacific ocean...

yes, this is part of my bucket list
before i have to say:
so long. fare well. auf wiedersehen. good-bye. 

i plan to treasure as much time
as possible...making memories.



Wanda said...

Hope you and your family are able to create beautiful memories. Visiting from the A-Z challenge.

jen@ living a full life said...

Those plans sound perfect!

Jen Ferguson said...

What a precious time to spend with your family before they go!

Sweet Tea said...

Those type of things happen when one "plans" - so you're on your way to making them a reality.
Go! Go! Go!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Wow! Melody, my sister and her husband live in Austria! I'm not sure where' they're headed so I'll go check out your previous post and their blog. My sister has a wonderful blog and also writes a lot about various places in Austria. They live in Vienna (hence the "Wien" in their blog title). Please feel free to share this with your daughter. My sister's one of the most inspiring people I know (the other most inspiring is my other sister):

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melody-Mae ... it may be sad - but what an opportunity to travel and visit. You've so much planned before they go .. but then you could plan the same things in perfect Austria, with wonderful pastries in the picnic ..

Sounds fun to me .. Cheers Hilary