Monday, April 16, 2012


this spring started with me going
to the oncologist for a six month check-up.
it also marked a mile-stone of sorts
for me;
fifteen years ago,  i was diagnosed 
with breast cancer and then again
seven years later diagnosed with 
it again...

the first time my husband and i
had three small girls and i knew
with all my being i would fight-
I would take whatever drugs,
and have whatever
i would fight
to be here for our girls.
the thought never even crossed my mind
to give up!

i remember being at a pizza parlor picking
up take out, i was wearing my ever present
baseball cap because the chemo had robbed me
of my hair-
i ran into an acquaintance of mine...
she asked me how i was doing/feeling and i said,
"i am doing great" and she said, "you have such a 
positive attitude!" my thought at the time?
what choice do i have? i mean, sure
i could curl up in a ball and whine about
the fact that i had cancer, that the chemo made
me so sick, i wouldn't be able to keep anything down
for days at a time and had lost all the hair on my body...
OR i could say, sure i have cancer but, i plan to
fight this stupid disease! i would never give up!
now, some might say that i stayed positive 
but, to me it didn't even cross my mind.
never. not once.
to give up.
it is not in my nature...
i am a fighter. 

never give up
never lose hope
never forget

i choose to see the good.
to be thankful.

my husband and i had been married
for seventeen years,
and after that amount of time
we just took each other for granted...
you know,
that we would always be around-
talk about a wake up call!

we started taking more time for each other
going on coffee dates, spending more time together,
and really investing again in our marriage. 
i also, started to relax more with the girls,
not worrying so much about the mess they made
or if the house was clean...
i invested and spent time enjoying just being with them!
making memories and taking joy
in each and every day!

i am grateful
i am thankful
life is good

yesterday after church,
we had the family here at the house.
the three girls, son in laws and 
those two sweet grandsons...

in the back of my mind 
is the thought, always the thought
when i look at my family-
how wonderful life is
and how thankful i am

i want to never forget
how wonderful it ALL is!

the cousins love to play on the farm
my loves. my joy. these two little boys.

my husband puts on a treasure hunt every year
the kids have to gather clues from all over the farm
and in the end they get a treasure.
this year it was candy and a red robin gift card for each couple. :)

may i never take this family,
our love,
 or this life
 for granted.



jen@ living a full life said...

I never have a tissue when i need one! I pray that God blesses you with a long and cancer free life, hugs my friend. Beautiful attitude and beautiful family.

November Rain - k~ said...

Returning a visit from the A-Z, and I am glad that I did. Consider yourself followed again :-) You have an amazing outlook and I enjoy it!

Lucy said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Precious words, and great encouragement. It is all about our attitude.

Journaling Woman said...

Beautiful post. I have a feeling you're a beautiful soul too.



Thisisme. said...

I need a tissue as well my friend! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post, and your two little grandsons are just so precious. Thank the Lord that you are here to see them. Take care and keep shiny, for that is what you are - a very shiny person! Hugs.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melody-Mae .. brilliant news .. and long may it all last. The children sound lovely and the two little ones - look great .. and what fun they must have had looking out eggs on the farm.

I bet everyone enjoys visiting - farm life with its open spaces (despite the hard work a farmer has to do) .. is glorious to be a part of.

Cheers for now - and I love your Never ... Hilary

songbyrd on the mountain said...

never forget how loved you are-- by our Great great God! (and I love you too!)

Stephen Beck said...

Hopping over from UBP. Thanks for sharing your story & your honesty.

STop by when you get a chance.

Kerry Beck

Sylvie said...

Melody-Mae: you have such a wonderful attitude. You know that He won't take you one second before your expiry date and since that's not printed on the back of your hand, you are making the most of every moment. Bless you, my sister in Christ. Sylvie