Monday, April 9, 2012


as i celebrated easter,

i was reminded of;

my challenge letter today
is the 'letter h'

the first two words that
popped into my head when
i thought of the 'letter h' were:
happiness & hope!

if you have been around
my blog for any amount of
time at all, you know about
how important these two words
are to me...

i truly believe in hope.
i try to look for happiness
each and every day.

i believe that no matter what
the circumstance you find yourself in,
there is hope.

it is hard to understand this
when we are smack dab in the middle
of what a friend calls 'a mud puddle'
but, i hold on to the hope of a better day!

sometimes we do not know why
we are put in the circumstances
that life seems to throw at us.
it is daunting sometimes
to put on that smile...

but, i also know that there is a light
at the end of that tunnel.
i choose to dwell in that light
and in the happiness that it brings

there is hope-
today is a new day
it is a new beginning

we can choose to see
the happiness in life-

do you see the beauty that is in today?
it is there... even in the small things
if you will take the time to look.

the chirping of a bird outside the window
warm sunshine
shadows dancing on the grass
gentle wind blowing
smiles from friends, loved ones
and yes, even strangers-
flowers sitting happily in a vase on
the table.
giggles from two little boys who love
to laugh...

there is beauty in this day.
there is hope
and there is happiness
if we only be still and look for it...

will you join me
in looking for some happiness &
beauty today?



Gossip_Grl said...

Nice posting and I try to start each day with a little of each

jen@ living a full life said...

You know me friend, our family has had it's share of tragedy, lived thru terrible loss and horrible pain.... but we never lost hope that we'd somehow find our way to happiness again. Who doesn't want to be hopeful and happy?

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Great post!

While the crises of my life the past couple of years have been truly overwhelming, I cling to the HOPE that only the LORD can give. He helps me to look up ... to Him. His light guides my path, even through the darkest of nights.

Blessings to you, sweet friend. I'd love a coffee date sometime.


Celia M. said...

happy Easter my friend! These are two words that I try to keep very near the top of How is my day going to be list.
Blessings, HHL

P.S. listened to the cd during Easter with friends and we just loved it. I will be posting about it. But wanted to say how wonderful it was.xo

Tracy said...

hey M&M,
That is my word today also :) I really kind of vascillated back and forth as to which H word I would use today and it ended up with Hope....I too think that in the middle of the puddle, you have to have hope as it is what keeps us going. I truly wonder how people survive with no hope!
great post...

Kelly Stilwell said...

I almost used Hope, too, but decided on Hole, as in The Hole in the Gospel. Love your site!

Kelly Stilwell

Anna Smith said...

Everyday is beautiful and a new adventure :)

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