Saturday, April 7, 2012

it's all in the name

letter g

i have many titles & names
along with my given name;
i am a daughter, sister and friend.

i am a wife and i am a mother-
i never could have imagined
the love i feel for my husband and
our three daughters (and son in laws)

and yes, i have another name
that when spoken by two little boys
melts my heart and turns me into mush...
that name is:

i will never be the same-
the love i have for my grandsons
is amazing, deep and strong,
it rocks me to the core.

a granny's love

i am grateful, oh so grateful.



jen@ living a full life said...

Love that melody being granny is good!

Jaime said...

I'm visiting from A to Z. This is a beautiful post & your writing is so authentic. I'm looking forward to reading more. Happy Easter.

serena page turner said...

i came accross your blog through the a-z challenge and just wanted to say it was a very lovely experience and made me smile.

hope that you are also having a lovely easter.

Thoughts for the day said...

Ah yes a grandma is special.
Enjoy those babies they grow so quickly.

Thisisme. said...

Lovely post my friend. I am so grateful as well! I have had Eli & Ruby here all day today (and yesterday, and again tomorrow) and they vie for my attention, so that all day, it's "grandma, grandma!" How lucky are we?!

Gossip_Grl said...

Love this post mine call me maw maw,like you, I wouldn't trade the name for anything

Mary Johnson said...

So beautiful and special. Wonderful poem! I love the line: it rocks me to the core - perfect!

Kay said...

I wait with baited breath to be a granma, but it's a very, very long way off yet *lol*

Janice's footsteps said...

awww this is so perfect I just became a grandma to a lil boy March 28th from my 26 yr old daughter and I am so grateful they are just an hour away and I get to spend every other night helping them with the night shifts & bonding it is so beautiful.

Vic said...

indeed the best feeling of a lifetime! xoxo happy easter my friend

Life 101 said...

Happy Easter from your latest follower.

Anna said...

Such a sweet post!

Donna Martin said...

Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge. Lovely post...good luck with the challenge.

Donna L Martin

MiChelle said...

I loved that! I have a daughter old enough to make me a grandmother, but although I want her to take her time to get husband and I secretly can't wait to mark that milestone! :) Beautiful blog :) Happy A to Z! :)

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I've been a Granny for a month, almost. :)

So wish that we lived close so that our grandson would know us. :( I've only seen him twice, for 2 short visits.

Can't wait until he grows up a bit and can talk. Wondering what my son and daughter-in-law will have him call us.

:) :) :)

Amanda Trought said...

Melody we really do have to be grateful for so much! Amanda

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