Saturday, January 14, 2012

so pinteresting!

so i am
quite possibly
oh yes, just possibly...
addicted to pinterest! ;)

it started out
innocently enough-
with me just
searching for ideas
for my new renovated kitchen...

you know,
looking for cabinets,
& new kitchen lighting, sinks
and yes even kitchen barstools...

it has quite possibly
become a healthy addiction?!

i have just spent a
few of my lovely
saturday hours re-pinning
and re-pinning! HA

i guess the other
option would be to
actually get some laundry
done but, that doesn't seem
as inviting!

we got a bit o' snow
last night but, not enough
to really play in
just enough to be slushy
and icky as far as i am

so hence the pinterest,
blogging and facebook
kinda day!

tell me...
do you pin? :)

i hope you have
a wonderful saturday
doing whatever it is
that makes you smile!

oh, how i love lazy saturdays!



Jennifer Kay said...

I recently jumped on the bandwagon and I'm hooked. Dang it I need to start limiting the number of things I allow myself to get hooked on!

Thoughts for the day said...

Wish I could figure it out, did get some 'directions' from a friend but not sure if I can follow them.

Buttercup said...

I was a little slow to Pinterest, but boy do I pin! It's my go-to place and really enjoy it.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Pinning is WAY more productive than doing laundry! That's what I keep telling myself, anyway :)

Nicole said...

Oh Me too! My favorite day to pin - Sundays!

See Beautiful said...

Oh, yes, my friend, I pin. And I love it. I consider it a healthy addiction too. It's just inspiring. I do find an hour can pass as I pin, so I must be careful and watch the clock. Otherwise, it's just inspiring.

happy seeing (and pinning) beautiful!