Monday, January 16, 2012


and the snow came
just like they said it would.

on my way to my mom's yesterday after church

and then today on the farm

the snow fell with more
in the forecast...
seems like a perfect day
to sit in front of the fireplace
with a book!

i have mentioned 
that i take notes
for our church's facebook page
and update their status...

yesterday's sermon 
was on the good samaritan-
how he stopped to helped the man
on the side of the road and did not
think at all of what would happen to
him if he helped him
but, instead...
what would happen to the 
man if he did not help him!

the pastor left us with lots
to think about...

*when you walk into a room 
do you focus on how people will 
make YOU feel 
or do you think 
how will I make THEM feel today?
WOW!!! what can i say to them?
how does it make THEM feel?

*if you are always looking 
for the BAD,  
you are going to GET
the bad! 
if that is all you 
are looking for, 
that is all you 
will see!
glass half empty vs half full??

please help me this week
to see the good in others
to expect the good in others
and to shine my light for you.

happy MLK day!


jen@ living a full life said...

Great message! I'm half a half full person.

See Beautiful said...

Beautiful. Leaves me seeing beautiful. Always focusing on how we can make others feel leaves us feeling quite lovely.

Happy seeing beautiful!

Outside Looking In said...

Wonderful message and thoughts! Beautiful snow. I like one or two good snows and then it's time for spring! I hope Mother Nature cooperates!

Kendra said...

I love those thoughts on the Good Samaritan. I know I can do a better job at reaching out to others. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Anna said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing that message. So important for us to remember. :)

Tammy Doane said...

Great message. I love the snow pics-miss seeing snow-we are having thunderstorms and temps in the high 60's. I am ready for a 'pretty snow'

Evergreen Eden said...

How I have missed your beautiful thoughts and uplifting blog while I've been away!!! Good to see you still doing so well dear frogger (friend who is a blogger haha.)

Love the pictures - made me feel so cozy and homey - and your highlights on the Good Samaritan lesson. You are one special lady!!

I'm back and will be back for good (long story but pregnant and injured so I was gone a while) so I'm really looking forward to keeping up with your wonderful writing!

xoxo :) E