Thursday, December 1, 2011

not too late for a thrifty thursday!

it has ben a busy day today
i have been babysitting
and no time to sit and blog...

i had an early christmas present
from the hubbie delivered today!
a new oven, microwave and dishwasher!!!
they arrived today-
i had to clean our cupboards
we had to cut some of them
to make things fit...

and get it ready for
all the new stuff!

now if you know anything
about our house,
i live in a ninety year old farm house
the appliances are all
around 20 years old
so this is pretty exciting stuff! :)

so all in all
there was not a minute to sit and
write a blog post until now,
better late than never?
it is still thursday here on the
pacific coast!

long black cardigan (target)
polka dot shirt (thrifted)
jeggings (new, I luv them!)

then i decided to try
a thrifted sweater instead of the long cardi...
i really liked this and decided to wear it instead! ;)

boots (tjmaxx)

black sweater (thrifted)
skirt (refashioned from a dress) i cut the top of the dress 
and made it into a the pockets!
scarf (nordstrom)
tights (tjmaxx)
and boots? do not remember!

this is what i wore
last night to my daughter's presentation...
i am sick i tell ya, sick to my stomach
that i did not get ANY pictures of her with my hubs and i :(
cardigan (thrifted)
scarf (mexico)
jumper (kohls)

so there you go another thrifty thursday
where my outfit posts have at least ONE item 
that is thrifted! :)

i hope you have/had a wonderful evening~

oh and for those interested,
my daughter did an AMAZING job
last night...
she really shines in public speaking.
i gave her a dozen red roses and she got some from
the professor was a great night!



DeanO said...

I don't know anything about design or women fashion but I love the boots and purple skirt

Linda O'Connell said...

Purple, love it!

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Love the Thrifty Thursday fun! And happy early Christmas! What fun to get such wonderful goodies.

Happy seeing (and installing) beautiful!

mglawler said...

Thanks for following! The gluten thing is easy for me. My daughter's life depends on it. Now I do have gluten from time to time but it's not very often because I don't want to risk contaminating her food.

Mongs said...

you look really cute as always. I like the pretty dress on you and the adorable pokka dot blouse, the scarf is fabulous too. You always put together cute outfits. Your new appliances sounds exciting! Have fun!


Yara Simón said...

That purple is so pretty.

Rachel said...

that purple skirt is so pretty! and I love the polka dot blouse!

Mama Violet said...

I love that color purple against the black. Pretty pattern, too.

Laura said...

I love your polka dot shirt! Great find!