Sunday, December 4, 2011


saturday night we went
with two of our
girls and the grandsons
to the lighted christmas parade
here in our town.

the looks on my
grandson's faces were
so worth standing in the cold!

when the horn blew on the 
fire grandsons 

son in law with my grandson and hubbie with my grandson
the other daddy had to work that night and missed the parade. :(

both boys loved the lighted show.
my older grandson kept saying,
"Yahoo! Wow! Yay!
Clap everybody! Wave!"

haha it was awesome!

today after church
we had a birthday party
for my grandson...
he will be turning three on tuesday!

we had a great time
and he was pretty excited! :)

cake, candle and singing :)

playing outside...with his 'best friend' 

little cousin came to the party

our friends came and brought their identical twin grandsons...
they all got along great!
my daughter and son in law
SIX boys playing at their house! LOL
it was loud and crazy fun!

our sermon today 
was about our past and present
and one of the things i wrote down
in my notes i feel was applicable for 
the parade and the birthday party...

-the memories that come
to our mind are the things
of great & happy moments 
or of great pain-

i pray that my grandsons
will always remember that lighted parade
with happy memories!

i pray this for you too,
that your life be
filled to overflowing
with happy memories!



Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Loved the lighted fire truck!

Linda O'Connell said...

Such joy in the litle ones' faces, and memories to last a lifetime.

Anna said...

Beautiful post! That cake is too cute!

Chatty Crone said...

I just LOVE to see kids laughing and having fun - their eyes so bright! Laughing and showing so much joy. I could just watch them all day. They are so cute.


Mongs said...

lovely post, your post always brings warmth and thanksgiving to my heart. Your grandsons are super adorable, thank God for children!


Rachel said...

How sweet, they are soo cute. I'm sure they will definitely remember it as something special!!

Patti said...

Those sweet, happy faces will keep me smiling all evening : >