Wednesday, November 30, 2011

is this last day to be thankful?

the last day of november 
is upon us.
i am thankful...
for life

i am thankful today
for so many things-
it has been a great lesson
in discipline for me to 
sit each day this past month
and find at least
one thing to recognize 
and be thankful for!

i truly am thankful
for so many gifts
but, sometimes it is
easy to get caught up in 
the day to day 'stuff' 
that i fail to sit and be still
and thankful :)

i am content
and happy...
that is a gift
that i cannot be thankful
enough for!
today is a huge day
for my youngest daughter...
she is doing her FINAL presentation
at western washington university
where she has been attending
since graduating from high school.

she has worked very hard-
she has known since she was a
little girl what she wanted to 
'be when she grew up'

she began working towards
this goal very seriously 
since she was in middle school...
making sure she took 
all the right classes,
doing volunteer work
in the community...
putting an amazing resume together-

always working 
towards that goal...
to be a teacher.

yes, a focused girl-
working very hard!

she is a dual major
in special education/elementary education

and tonight...well tonight
is the big night.
she presents her final 
and then she is done...

after a brief christmas break
she will move to portland, oregon
to live with my sister in law and brother in law
and do her 6 months of student teaching/interning!!!
so tonight is basically like her graduation.
it is her GRAND finale!

i couldn't be more proud 
of this girl
if i tried!

lucky for me,
even though she is leaving for six months...
she will be living with family 
whom we love and who love her too!

we will make a few trips
to visit i am sure! :)
my in-laws live 5 hours away
this gives us an excuse to visit them
more often! :)

i am off to purchase a bouquet
to present her tonight and 
try not to burst with 
too much pride as my
baby girl takes this next step!

congratulations tessa!!
i really truly could 
not be more happy or

life is good!



b. lee said...

congratulations to ur gal!!! have a wonderful evening :D

ps. love the new design *

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Awwww Darling... that's WONDERFUL! Congrats to your baby all grown up... xoxo

Anna said...

I've truly enjoyed reading your thankful posts. My goal this year/up coming year is to keep that spirit of Thanksgiving alive throughout the year. :)

Congrats to your daughter, I know you are so proud.