Monday, November 21, 2011

thanksgiving week~2011

today i am thankful
my cozy bed

the alarm rang
this morning
and all i wanted to do
was grabbed the blankets
and burrow down deep,
deeper, then deeper still!

there are days like this
when all i want to do
is stay warm & toasty
under the covers

but, the smell of 
coffee drifted up
the stairs into
my room
gently shaking me awake

i stumble to
the shower
and turn the faucet
on HOT
and wait until
i know it is steamy
and crawl in-
the steam and warmth
of the shower
seem to wash the 
last of the sleepies away,
at least enough
so that i can make it
down the stairs
and fill up a cup of coffee!

mondays sometimes 
are like this for me...
i think because 
sunday is one of my
busiest days of the week?
i know, it is suppose to
be a day of 'rest' 
but it seems to always
wind up being my busiest?!

as much as i would
love to say i have
nothing planned today
we are off to dr. appointments
and later watching little grandsons
along with playing catch up 
on the laundry and dishes! ;)

so today as i thought
about what i was thankful for
there were so VERY many things i could say...
but, my cozy warm bed (and coffee)
were at the top of that list!

do you have mondays
when you would like
to stay under the covers?
what gets you moving?
does anything get you moving? he-he!

on a side note...
i have mentioned before
that i take notes for our church
during sunday's sermons and
then am in charge
of updating our church facebook page...
yesterday a few things really stuck out for me

1. is being miserable your norm?
2. your future has NO room for your past!
3. when you have tried everything else, try faith!

have a blessed thanksgiving week-
may it be filled with joy & love.



Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I love my bed too!

Sometimes leaving it is so hard. The 5:30 a.m. wake up time doesn't help.

Shauna said...

Today was particularly difficult, my last monday in awhile to wake up and have to get ready for work with a very BIG belly having to fit into work clothes:) I will enjoy the break from this!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

I love my bed, especially on a blustery wet day as this one started, but, just about everyone knows why I was happy to jump out of bed this morning!! And just about everyone knows what I am most thankful for THIS day! He's home!!!

Sweet Tea said...

Great thoughts.
A warm cozy bed, a roof overhead, warm, running water - we ARE so very blessed.

Bethe77 said...

When it is wet cold and windy I do jsut want to stay in bed whether it be a M onday or any day fo the week. Coffee will draw me out for sure. But... Just knowing someone is counting on me to there is enough to get me up and going most of the time.
It is a very busy week.
Wednesday will be nuts.
As I have 16 ladies on the books. So if you think of me please ask a specail blessing upon my ahnds and the work I have before me tha I would have the strength and ablity to accomplish it all. Thank you.
Happy Thanksigiving to you Melody Mae and to your lvoely family.

Heart n Soul said...

yep, all the time ... wish I could keep the covers over my head and sleep in on Mondays!!! ... I wish :)

Mongs said...

thank you for sharing this, I always feel ,inspired and encouraged by your words. I'm in a contemplative mode this week, I would like to do a thanksgiving post


Anna said...

I'm the same way! Coffee is pretty much the only thing that truly wakes me.

Happy Thanksgiving!