Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a firm foundation

today on 
day 22~
i am thankful
for a
firm foundation!

the storm came on

winds blew and rattled
the windows and trees-
it was hard to sleep
knowing things
were blowing around
crashing loudly outside-

what damages would
i wake up to?
the hubbie
had to go out into
the barn and make sure
it was 'buttoned' down
and the cows were safe
as i snuggled in the
bed all warm and safe...

he watched out for 
me and for our farm

i am thankful for
a firm foundation
that the house we
own and live in
is built well.

i reminds me of
the children's sunday school song;

the wise man built 
his house upon the rock-
you know the verse

& the house on the rock stood firm!

i am very thankful for
a home and a family 
that are both built
on the rock!

as thanksgiving draws near
i hope you too have many things
you can be thankful for~

let's shine,


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