Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what i love this wednesday

oh yes,
these little ones
drawing on
little pumpkin gourds
makes this heart o' mine
warm & gooey-

what a treasure 
these two little ones
are to me

today i am thankful
for the many 
gifts in my life

these two little faces
remind just how
much i love and am loved
in return-

may you too
remember just how
special you are- 
that you too
are loved

in our darkest
when we feel 
like we are 
love is there.



Thisisme. said...

Lovely post Melody-mae! That is such a sweet photo of you and those two adorable little ones! There's lots of love there - I can see that! Hugs.

Anna said...

Such a sweet post! I especially like the last photo. :)

songbyrd on the mountain said...

that pix of all of you is priceless. look how curly their hair is!! love it!

Monica said...

Great post, it's aways nice for people to remind you...because everyone is loved dearly by many, and sometimes the ones that are loved by all feel they are alone...which is not true if they are just reminded. Wonder where they get the curl hair?

Kim said...

Your post is a day brightner! Thanks for sharing!

PriscilaPetersDecor said...

What a beautiful post! I just saw my nephew for the first time by skype. I love the little ones...

Have a nice day.

ChicnSavvy said...

Love the pictures!! Have a blessed day!

b. lee said...

sweetness! your grand-babies are getting sooo big * * thanks for your recent msge ;) my fam & I are doing amazing ... taking a little bloggy break this summer made it difficult to get back into a bloggy groove once the Fall routine began * * looking forward to jumping back in as the weather gets cooler & the leaves change ~ happy Friday, friend * *

Mongs said...

awww..I love these pictures, aren't they cute? I really miss my boys at this age, now they are 8 and 12. Thank God for children!

Thank you for your kind comments always..have a great weekend, God bless you!