Friday, October 14, 2011

friday & happiness

i had both grandsons
here at the house,
by the end of
the evening this granny
was too pooped to pop!
i think this must be why
you have your kids when
you are young and full
of energy!! LOL

i loved this little quote
as soon as i read it
and asked jam if i
could  borrow steal it! ;)

i have so many things
on my to do list,
and yet...
a sweatpants kind of day
just might be in order
along with another couple
cups of coffee...
oh wait,
if i can muster some energy
i could to go to the local craft show!

22nd Annual
Fall Craft & Antique Show
October 13, 14, & 15 
Thursday & Friday 10-8    Saturday 10-5
Northwest Washington Fairgrounds

we have another
birthday party/get together
this weekend at my mom's

how about you?
what do you have planned
this weekend?

whatever is in store for you
i hope you find
a bit o' happy!!



Anna said...


That craft show sounds fun. We are going to my sister's flag competition tomorrow and no other solid plans except church on Sunday.

Thisisme. said...

Love that happiness saying and, yes, it is tiring when you look after the little ones, isn't it?! Great minds think alike, because my post was entitled Happiness today as well!! Have a lovely weekend.

EmptyNester said...

I've got tons of happy this weekend! Deanie is home and DoodleBug has an ultimate frisbee tournament and it's Birdie's birthday---even though she's not here this year. But we don't have a craft show this weekend! Lucky duck!

Chandra said...

Love the quote and love your blog. So much so that I've made myself at home and am now following! Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you. Enjoy your weekend!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

I was HOPING to go to the Craft Show on Saturday but... sadly, our neighbor passed away this week and now his memorial is Sat. So sad. BUT my hubby asked me out on a date for after that.. I think we are going to go see the movie Courageous. Excite about that!!

Anonymous said...

coffee does = happiness lol

Craft shows are fun! Theres one here in town at the beginning of November i cant wait to go :)

Chantell said...

I love the quote you posted! It is so true that happiness is infectious...Hope you enjoy your weekend! Cute blog :o)

Betsy said...

Oh, I bet you slept well! lol...
We are having a quiet weekend at home...talking some house repairs and updates and doing a little dreaming. Fun. :)

Jeanna said...

How true is that! I read it and instantly was happy... I need one of these signs at my house to remind me.

Jeanna @

Sandra said...

Oh yes, craft show please! The happiest place on earth is not Disney, it is a good craft show with lots to see (and eat!)

Anonymous said...

Great Quote thanks for sharing it. As for the Fall Fair it sounds a fantastic idea! Enjoy!

Gifts By Katherine said...

happy is contagious, thank you for spreading it around .Hugs and have a happy weekend Katherine

Mongs said...

you are a chic and cool granny, who would have guess? That is one cool place to hang out over the weekend. Have fun!