Tuesday, October 11, 2011

thank you anna~

sweet anna...check her out; here
gave me this lovely award
i went over to visit
her blog and what did
i find?
an award-
thanks for making my
day a bit brighter

seven things to share about

oh dear, what can i say
that has not been said

i am:

1. the oldest of my siblings

growing up i was:

2. an only girl
3. the only left handed person
4. and only redhead in
our little family of five!
5. i live within 30 minutes
of both of my brothers and
my mom & step dad
6. my husband & i, along with
all three of our daughters...
graduated from the same high school! :)
7. like i said earlier, i was the only
redhead and leftie in our family
growing up, but i married
into a family with 4 lefties and numerous
redheads! and my hubbie and i had three girls,
two of which are redheaded! :) funny how that works!

i hate having to pick blogs to
give this out to...truly i do.
i am suppose to pick seven?
are you kidding me...how does
one choose?
maybe i will get disqualified
for not giving it out?
well, here is number 8 for you then...
i am a rule breaker! :)

thank you anna-
you made my
day just a little brighter!



EmptyNester said...

Too funny- I am the oldest of four children AND the only girl AND the only left hander AND the only one with a bit of auburn in my hair. Wow!

Congrat's on the the award!

Anna said...

I really enjoyed reading the facts about you. You're really making me think about dying my hair...lol.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oooh awards are soo fun! and i love how your seven things reveal that you are so close to your family!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

That was the cutest post in a long time! You're cute, Melody Mae! :)