Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a picture post

grey skies are gonna
clear up,
put on a happy face!

today is wednesday-
and wouldn't you know
it is gloomy and grey here
in the pacific northwest...
which is not that terribly
unusual! ;)

i am bringing my meal
to the family from our church-
i snapped a picture of it before
the foil went on
(it tastes better than it looks)

pasta, cheese & tomato topped 
with more cheese and chicken
and then today is my daughter's first day back
at college.
we joked today that it was her first day of her last year! :)
(she graduates with a dual major this spring!)
i decided to make her one of her fav meals (she is vegetarian)
so this is a chilled pasta salad with tomato, black beans and corn and our 
favorite little extra; fresh cilantro. i toss with vinegar and oil and basil... yum!

my daughter & i went glasses shopping-
she wound up getting hers at costco
and i tried a ton on 
and wound up ordering some online
i cannot wait until they arrive! :)
oh, and i am wearing a navy cardigan, dress and bag that were all thrifted! 

and then this is what i am wearing today
a thrifted old navy button up
a scarf from forever 21
grey jeans from kmart
and shoes from target!
(yeah, you guessed it... i am such a name brand shopper!)

may you be blessed today!



Judy Haughton-James said...

Real lovely pictures!

EmptyNester said...

You shop at the same places that I do! Be careful. The last daughter of ours who graduated with dual majors got accepted into a grad program 20 hours away! LOL

Betsy said...

Well, look at you! Cute clothes and yummy food! :) Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday today! xo

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

A bunch of teachers walked in the homecoming parade tonight, and some were wearing really cool windbreakers. They said, "They were only about $35." I replied, "Do know how much I can buy for $35 at Marshall's?" I am so cheap.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Looking cute!! And that was very sweet of you to treat your daughter before she gets back to school. I love when my dad (he does the cooking in the fam) makes my fave meals when I get home. Yummm, now you have me craving shrimp boil! haha. Hoping for sunshine for you (and for here too. Blech on all the grey!)

two birds said...

you're a good mom making that delicious meal for your daughter! i love your dress and purse, and those mustard shoes are amazing!

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Oh my goodness that pasta salad looks divine! I'm going to have to try to remake that one! I hope you're doing okay with your daughter returning to school.

Love your new glasses. Hope they're helping you "see beautiful" in new ways. :)

Jennifer Rizzo said...

The dress is super cute!!!

Danielle {@} sugar blossom boutique said...

That salad looks delicious! &i love that dress and those shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have style! I have been in a style rut for years and don't know how to get out. Send me a rope or something!

Lisa Mikitarian said...

I don't know which looks better the food or the clothes!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

That is the absolute cutest dress! And yum at that food. Hope your daughter had an amazing first day of her last year :)

Mongs said...

what a lovely dress on you Melody, I like your outfit, especially the wicker bag! So nice t0 be shopping with your daughter, my boys have no patience. It's always "mom, are you done yet?" Have a great week!


Deanna said...

Hello Sweet Lady!
May you have a delightful Autumn.

God bless,