Tuesday, September 27, 2011

thrifting fun

i haven't posted for
almost a full week-
little bits of this and that
kept me busy!

we have a tradition
in the family with my
three daughters, once
they hit high school,
for their birthday's...
we would take a day-
just the two of us,
mom & daughter and we
would go to seattle shopping
and out for lunch...
this tradition has managed
to keep going even though
two of them are married with
little ones of their own and the
youngest is in college...we still
keep up the shopping day!
now granted, sometimes life
gets busy and we have
to have 'our' day postponed for
a month or so after
the actual bday but,
we always know that we will
be going shopping and it is something
we all look forward to,
i get time with the daughter one on one
and i get a chance
to buy them something they want
for their special day...a win-win!

so this past friday
my eldest daughter and i (along with grandson)
headed off to seattle for our special day.
so. much. fun!
my grandson and i waiting in v. secret
for mommy :)
my outfit: top is thrifted and you cannot tell but it has the sweetest little raised polka dots...love it.
grey bootcut jeans from kmart, oxfords i snagged at tjmaxx and the hot pink ribbon belt is from gap, years & years ago when i worked there!

then on sunday after church
my hubbie had some things to
do at the church so
what did i do?
well there is a consignment shop
and a thrift store not far from church
so i said, "no worries, i will come get
you later..." hehe little did he know
what i was up to!
i had a nice credit balance stored up at the
consignment shop and so i found 
a belt and a beautiful button blouse
perfect colors for fall and it did not 
cost me a dime because i had a credit! whoot-whoot!
lovely fall colors don't you think?
blouse & belt, local consignment shop

then there was the thrift store finds...oh my goodness!
first i had been on the lookout for pointed flats and i found them
old navy via thrift store...
and then i have had an obsession lately for loafers and oxfords
and had been scouring etsy and ebay looking for some type of  two tone ones 
i was just about to walk away from the shoes (having found the little pointy flats) when i turned the corner
and what did i see??? these ADORABLE loafers in my size, NEVER been worn and only 7.99
oh i did not even hesitate...these lovelies were in my hand in a flash! :)

yesterday my hubs
and i went to lunch
at olive garden...yes
soup, salad and LOTS 
of breadsticks were had! ;)

the skirt i wore
had elastic waist
and boy was i happy
about that, after all the food 
i consumed! :)

black and white polka dot tie blouse was thrifted, skirt is old i believe from tjmaxx and so are my awesome new black boots!

i recently realized how much polka dot things i own...
i have two vintage dresses;  blue & white and a red & white one and then blouses? wow...i own; 
white & white (first picture) black & white, white & black, navy blue & white and 
mustard yellow & white...yeah i love my polka dots! :)
right now, it seems my thrifting eye goes to
oxfords, loafers and polka dots! LOL
this weekend
my hubbie & i
will be heading to 
portland to visit his 
two sisters and we
will attend a benefit dinner
for the korean foundation (his sis' are both adopted)
we always have a wonderful time
and we get to get all dressed up...Yay!
do not worry...i will make sure to get a picture
of us all spiffied up!

and you, how was your weekend?
what does your eye go to when shopping?
polka dot? leopard print? shoes? anything and everything? LOL

i leave you with this challenge
our pastor left with us on sunday;
spread the seeds of kindness, compassion & love!

may you be blessed.



TexaGermaNadian said...

I really love your style. You make the most out of things that other people might not see any potential in. And I mean that as a great compliment. Doesn't hurt that it all looks so good on ya :) Love the birthday tradition and that ya'll are still doing it. Pretty special.

EmptyNester said...

Your style fits you perfectly! Always so cute! I HATE shopping. For anything. At all. I wish clothes and shoes just appeared when we needed them. LOL The lovelies, on the other hand, LOVE shopping- especially when it's our money they're spending. :)

Deanna said...

neat tradition with your children for their birthday!
have a delightful Autumn.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

No time or cash for even thrift shopping lately. I may have to check out Kmart's jeans one day soon though!

Love the two tone loafers. Love. Them.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Love all your consignment and thrift finds.

Wish I could take my big girls shopping on their birthdays, but they live in MN, CO, and Argentina. It's a bit far for a shopping trip, don't you think?

Have fun in Portland. I love to get "all dressed up", but rarely have any occasion to.


Tammy Doane said...

Great birthday tradition--
Wish I had consignment shops where I live!

Mongs said...

You look so youthful to have such grown up children! It's a wonderful tradition to keep, I will copy this tradition of yours. My son is going to high school next year. It's a great idea.


Linda O'Connell said...

Lovely tradition with you and your daughters. My mom used to allow me to skip school one day a year and go downtown with her. It was the highlight of my school days, a fond memory.
Sounds like you have been busy.