Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tuesday coffee~

it is a glorious tuesday
the sun is shining here

i sit here with my
little white & red
coffee mug
filled with potent,
rich, black coffee.
the steam is still
rising from the mug
as i sip away...
clearing the morning
grogginess away-

a list a mile long
of things that need
to be taken care of...
phone calls to make
bills to pay,
and i just sit here
with my coffee and laptop.
yep, ignoring the rest of
the day for just a bit longer!

this past week
our church congregation
heard news of two of our
godly men being sick and
one with cancer on his spine,
one with a life threatening
blood clot.

our pastor needed
help with organizing
meals and visitations
and i remembered
a plan someone had
used for their sick
an online meal sign up.
and then lo & behold
a friend posted
another link on face book
and so i began researching
the ease of both plans
and decided on the
one my friend had shared!

so yesterday
i sat up a meal train
for this sweet family.
it is so easy to do!
if you are ever
interested in something
like this for a new mom,
someone who is ill...or whatever...
you can find it at mealtrain.com

i am off to savor
a bit more coffee
before i take
on the rest of the day-

what ever you have
planned for the day
may it be filled
with many blessings!

& will you join me
in shining a light
and maybe even a little
sparkle!? :)



Thisisme. said...

Such a good idea, setting up a meal train like that. Certainly something I will bear in mind when the need arises. It would be so helpful to the families, I'm sure. Shine on dear friend!

Tammy Doane said...

Enjoyed this post :) Meal train is a great idea-something I will mention to my church.

{Amy} said...

i love that idea, what a great friend you are. i love sitting and sipping my coffee just a little bit longer than i know i really should ; )

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

How can one NOT share a little light and sparkle after THIS post!!! :)