Monday, May 2, 2011

it happened on granny's watch

oh yes it did
it happened while
gramps & granny were
watching 'the boy'

saturday turned out
gorgeous and sunny
we were entertaining
our grandson while the
girls did another benefit carwash
for their mission trip

we went down the road a few miles
from where they were having the carwash
to our favorite 'walking' park
it has a gorgeous boardwalk
right by the ocean

and most important, a coffee shop!

so the boy is having fun
looking at a starfish
and watching loons diving in the ocean
watching the boats go by
and walking and talking up a storm...
we are having a great time

then it happened
the playground came into view
so he starts saying how much he wants
to play on it
so we head over to it
he is climbing and laughing
making friends and enjoying himself
he goes up the ladder and down the slide
with minimal help
the hubs/gramps is watching closely
he must've went up the rope ladder
a dozen times and we are getting ready
to head to the car
when, CRASH-scream
and there he is
crying with what i thought at the time
was a bloody nose
i had tissue and begin dabbing
when i notice it is not a bloody nose
he has totally skinned the whole end
of his little itty bitty nose and the bridge
of that said itty bitty nose is swelling...
oh dear...not on MY watch!
i run to the coffee shop and ask for ice
we calm him down, ice the lil' nose
and get the thing to stop bleeding...

yeah, on my watch the poor little
guy looks even a day afterwards
like a rudolph nose... :(

there is not a
three strikes and i am out?
since he has been hurt now twice
on our watch!!!

so here are pictures
before and after...
and yes, we WERE having fun. ;)

gramps showed him how when you lift up rocks, little crabs scurry out

watching a loon dive in the water

he loved this red boat

so sweet.. yes indeed

before, gramps is getting him to go down the slide...and yes that is gramps' hand
watching over him

he did it, he goes down!

and then, oh dear... it happened...CRASH-

sometimes this granny stuff, is hard work! :)
i am just glad his mommy & daddy
know how much we love him!

i hope you are having a wonderful monday
whatever you are doing
where ever you are
i hope it is lovely!



Shawn said...

Poor little angel! He's a boy and accidents are going to happen. We, grandparents, always hope it is not on our watch, but often it our dismay.

Robyn Burke said...

Oh, man, been there, done that! I think each one of my grandkids got a boo-boo of some kind while on 'my watch'... skinned knees, a couple of knocked out teeth... and let's not forget the 18 mth old on the roof!!!) grandparenting aint for sisies, lol!!
Glad it was fixable with ice, and kisses and hugs.

Adriana Iris said...

it happens to parents more often...very sweet pics.

b. lee said...

oh my goodness! so glad the little man is okay! what a huge weight on grams & gramps shoulders when accidents happen * * sweet sweet pics!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Poor little guy. So glad he's okay!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Awww, what a sweet little day, of course minus the scraped nose! Poor little man. But ya'll are awesome grandparents, and how fun is that park ya'll went to?! So much to see and do. Love it!

Deanna said...

ouch.....hate it when this stuff happens.
It is hard work.

God bless us grannies!!!!
We need it.

Thisisme. said...

Eeek! I feel for you. Bet you felt terrible when you saw his poor little nose! Hopefully it will heal soon, but it's just horrible when this sort of thing happens on granny watch!!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Aw, poor sweet litle guy!!! You are such a great grandma :)