Tuesday, May 3, 2011

did you notice?

do you see it?
i am experimenting
with my blog 'tag line'

i still do not really have
a bloggie niche
but, i want others to know
right from the start
that my blog is about
how beautiful life is

how thankful i am

that life is just lovely

i hope to inspire
with happy thoughts
and so i thought i
would try out a new tag line

what do you think?
when you think of my blog
what thoughts come to mind?

have you ever done any changes to your blog?
did you start out blogging with
certain niche and has your blog evolved?

today is a perfectly wonderful day
the sun is trying ever so hard to
show his sweet 'shiny' face
and all is well with my soul



Adriana Iris said...

and that is the reason i come back ;)

EmptyNester said...

I haven't made any big changes to my blog because I'm afraid I'll lose it or something. LOL

When I think of your blog I think inspirational- because you do inspire others to remember the good, positive things about our lives and that we should be grateful and share our hearts with everyone.

Anonymous said...

well as you know...my blog went through a MAJOR change. I don't know if I had a niche when I started, not certain I actually have one now. I just write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes cheerful...sometimes thought provoking. Some people don't mind the change...others do. I think I actually got it all sorted out this time (finally) Thank you for stopping by and "supporting" me. Luv ya for that...I'll get back to you on my thoughts of what I think of when I read your posts. 4 hours sleep does not a creative mind make. Hugs...

Shawn said...

I think your tag line sums it all up..you're are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to all who come by for a visit.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Great tagline! I think it says it perfectly. :) When I think of your blog, I think of happiness and contentment, and I smile.

Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

evolution, evolution, evolution! I recently completely changed the name of my blog to brand with my etsy shop. sooo many of the big bloggers I talked to said their blogs evolved over time to become what they are. as long as your blog is you- it is perfect. I like the tag-but don't feel like you have to define!

Thisisme. said...

I play with my blog every so often, but usually only change the header picture. What do I think of when I think of your blog - SHINY! Because I know you want us all to be shiny. Seriously, I always find your posts very inspiring and uplifting and positive. By the way, do hope that your little grandson's nose is healing nicely!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

My blog started out as a way to update friends and family on our adoption. It has turned into a place to encourage others on their Journey of Faith, and to share the journey of our family with others.

Danielle said...

things are looking good here! i have been changing up too. i have been only mobile (iphone) blogging, but THANKFULLY have a REAL computer again...as of last week. thus, able to jazz things up a bit! ;) ~d.