Monday, April 4, 2011

sixteen-and a rainy day it is

sixteen days of taking your own photo?
sixteen days of the 30 day challenge

so it is raining like crazy here
i got dressed and then the
hubs comes in from the barn
and says he can't do what
he had planned to do today
in the rain (field work)
and so he says lets take a drive
and do lunch
so i was all up for that!!!
i love spontaneous
days like that with him!

so i had started with
a pony tail because the
rain was making this granny's
curly hair nothing but a frizz-ball
so I straightened the bangs and pulled it back
but, then hubs wanted to go for a drive
and possible walk...
so i threw on the cute
beanie and a coat
in case we do any walking-
i also had on my cute brown boots
but, he said we might walk on the beach
so; cheater- cheater...i put on my
rain boots (that were not part of my 30!)

here are some pictures of the outfit;

so the awesome yellow striped top is thrifted, i am loving this mustard color lately...something i thought
i would never it!  the beanie i think i bought a few years ago from target...not sure though,
scarf is from walmart and jacket is very old but comfy...and then of course we have these sweet,
amazing rain boots, i bought them a few years back from macy's, love wearing them!

we drove to an adorable town, full of antiques...which is about an hour or so away from home, called LaConner WA.
we went down to the beach...
it was ridiculously cold but, we had fun then went to lunch and had coffee to warm up-
days like these make me count my blessings,
i am happy and thankful that
we still enjoy spending time together even on a rainy beach! :)

 the land behind my husband in the background is an island called: Whidbey Island...


 lookie...i found another heart rock!

i hope you are having a lovely monday
no matter what you are doing
i pray you find something in it
that makes your heart glad!


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Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Oh, what a lovely day! The beach is beautiful...I'm so glad you got to do something so spontaneous and fun. And your outfit is adorable as always...especially the beanie!

Priscila Peters said...

It's raining here too.
Your photos are great. Love all of them.

Monica said...

Sooooo jealous, you spend the day walking in the beach, who cares if it was raining or not, and you looked toooooo cute. I'm telling you, you should, or others should, someone should... invest in paying someone to dress them, someone with style could make a lot of money, and others that spend money and time in the closet, could save money & time. It's the same concept of paying a home decorator, some people just don't have it to decorate their own homes, so they pay someone. Have a good day Melody-Mae!

Shawn Becker said...

You are so cute in the beanie..and those rain boots are so my style!!
Sounds like you had a perfect day with your Honey!
Hope tomorrow is just as wonderful.

Bethe77 said...

Rain here as well! I guess it doesnt want to leave the beautiful PNW at all. Darn! Your outfit is darling.
The beach looks like a lovely day. I love beach walks.
So Melody Mae what is the 30 day challenge you ar doing. I guess since Im new to following you I have missed soem of it I will have to rewind and check them all out.

TexaGermaNadian said...

First off, that top is so cute. Cannot believe it was thrifted! And the beach, looks right out of a movie set. What a beautiful day :) Even with the rain!

Dani said...

OK, I want the rainboots.

And Whidbey Island? I think this is where my mother and I have wanted to go. It is where NieNie took her family after her accident.?.? I have to go look that up now.

Thanks for serving up a good variety on today's Blue Plate Special!

Hope to see you next week! I'll be thanking you!