Sunday, April 3, 2011

half of 30

oh my goodness
today marks the
fifteenth day
i am now half way
through my 30 for 30 remix!

last night my girls put on
a talent show at our church
to help raise funds for the two of them
to go to Africa on a mission trip

it was very succesful
they had a great turnout
and with last nights
free will offerring
they are at their half way mark
for raising funds
so they are pretty excited about that!

there were many performers
a 2nd grader from our church played the keyboard and sang
an 8 year old performed a gymnastics routine
and my daughter had lots of her
 college friends who sang
along with the
middle daughter/son in law duo
and myself!
i felt the many prayers-
i had not done a solo
for a few years and thought i
might be a bit rusty
but, i felt uplifted as i was on stage
and i know i was being prayed for
so thank you to all who offered
them up it helped
i didn't embarrass myself or my

here is what i wore last night to the
talent show:

the creamy ivory dress is from old navy, purple cardi from the gap, necklaces are thrifted as are my favorite little leopard flats
and underneath i wore some jegging type pants from forever 21

so now we are ready to head back
to church today...
and i am on nursery duty
so usually i don't wear a dress or skirt
we are going to thai food afterwards
to celebrate the youngest daughter along with
one of the son in laws birthdays...
so this is what my day looks like
on day fifteen-

white peasant top, i love this comfy thing...which i thrifted some time ago, the jeans are bootleg from kohls, i am wearing the sweet leopard flats with this outfit and the best scarf from PARIS!  i purchased this scarf in a little market, on our walk up to the St. Pierre de Montmarte! if you know anything about Montmarte it is crazy beautiful...a church that sits on a hill overlooking all of was amazing! (google it if you get the chance)
my prayer is that you have a wonderful
& blessed day
spend time being thankful
for the gifts you have been given
i know for me...i have so much to
be thankful for and i give thanks today
for it all!


Momma Go Round


Bethe77 said...

Very cute outfits!
So glad everything went so wonderful last evening!
Sounds like you will have a blessed day today as well.
Isnt God good!?

Robyn Burke said...

The Talent Show was a lot of fun! and you did a great job with your song! (Amy Grant songs are my songs of choice almost every time I have done a solo) You looked adorable too btw. Sorry to slip out early-- I knew Bruce was finally home after a long day of volunteering in the rain and mud. He was sad to miss the show. Yay for funds raised!!

Shawn Becker said...

Your outfits are too cute, especially the one you wore last night! I hope you have a very blessed day.

I just got home from church, it is snowing! I am sitting here surfing the blogs while I wait for three of the Grands ,who are coming over for a spend the night!

Until next time my friend,

Thisisme. said...

I love your outfits and you wear them with real flair and style! So glad that the talent show went well and that all our prayers paid off!

EmptyNester said...

The talent show sounds like BIG FUN! Love the outfits, especially the peasant top---takes me back!

Nicky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I love, love that outfit you put together... totally would of been something I would wear..

you are super cute AND I can't believe you are a grandma... no way!

i especially like that headband you are wearing in your profile picture.. ;-)

Beach said...

Love the comfy white top!

Krissy said...

love love love the scarft, I may have to go to Paris and get it:)

nicole. said...

you certainly dont look old enough to be a g'ma... how cute are you!!!!

p.s. you had me at 2 time cancer survivor!!!


Deanna said...

Mercy sakes that has gone fast!
You look great!!!

God bless,
d from homehaven in kansas

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I love your outfits, especially the one with the scarf!!

I really like your blog, looking forward to future posts!! :)

Hope you have a great day!


Ada said...

Montmartre is an amazing corner of Paris. I love the Sacre Coeur! Have you ever heard the song: La Complainte De la Butte? It's featured in Moulin Rouge and is all about the *huge* stairways up to Montmartre.

Sounds like a good weekend indeed!

Debbie Dillon said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh - I've been to that church and know exactly where you mean!!! Yes, that church is so beautiful. There were pantomimes out there on the front steps and the view is spectacular (and I don't use that word very often). LOVE seeing all your great pics and especially LOVE the scarf!

Adriane said...

30 for 30 is such a fun idea! You look SO cute in all your pictures too! Definitely not old enough to be a Grandma! :)