Monday, April 18, 2011

i did it, i really did it!

today is the last day of
my 30 for 30 remix challenge
for any one new to my blog
it was a challenge i took
for 30 days to shop my 'closet'
i could not buy any new clothes
for 30 days
and picked out 30 items that
i had to wear for 30 days
accessories were not counted (thank goodness!)
here is what the LAST day of my challenge looks like!
grey leggings with boots, (not shown) jean skirt, grey striped tshirt and of course my trusty grey cardigan!

i have been trying unsuccesfully to download an album of my pictures .as a collage,!

so at the end of this post are all 30 days...sorry it is so long!

i did actually enjoy this challenge
it opened my eyes to how often i think
i do not have anything to wear...;)
i have been asked to still post outfit pics
and so i might start a weekly picture post
what do you think about that?
i mean my blog is NOT by any means a
fashion blog but would you be interested in
a weekly outfit post? thoughts?

i am off to enjoy the rest of the day
a trip to the library is in store
with possible bookstore/coffee
and then trying to catch up with the
house/laundry around here
how about you, what is on your 'list' today?!

whatever is in store for you this day
may you be truly blessed-



Bethe77 said...

So I think your idea to post outfits is a great idea. I have so enjoyed seeing the outfits you ahve come up with though I did come in on the middle. It has been so much fun!
This afternoon headed on over to Adult Foster Care to make ladies pretty with new dos.
I also have to take pictures of our Caddie to get it on line for sell.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome challenge. i need to do something like this! new to your blog and now following :)

XO makall

Thisisme. said...

Hi. It was good to see all the outfits in one go like that! You did really well with that 30 day challenge. I was going to say that I am really going to miss seeing photos of you in your outfits, so, YES, I think it would be good to keep the theme going, if only once or twice a week. So! You can now rush out and buy some new clothes. LOL! I have spent a few hours tidying up our summer house this afternoon, and it's now looking nice and tidy again!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Yeah, you made it! And I love that you posted all the pictures here. Still love the yellow cardigan and all your cute stripped shirts :) Really cool you did this.

EmptyNester said...

This has been fun for me too! I've enjoyed your cute pictures and outfits! I tried to pick out a favorite but, I could only narrow it down to 8!

I think a weekly picture post would be great!

Rachel said...

I LOVE all the pictures! You are very fashionable- I think you should post a picture weekly!


Robyn Burke said...

A weekly fashion pose with fashion tips please, oh, miss stylish one! :) thanks for showing us it can be done. I am thinking of doing this myself.... one of these days!

Ms. Blasé said...

Of course I'm all for posting regular fashion pics since you've inspired me to start doing my own :) And Congrats completing your 30 for 30!!! It really did seem like a daunting challenge, but you made it!!!

A trip to the library sounds nice. I've been working on some other writing projects and, as a result, am INCREDIBLY behind on my blog readings. I need to take some extra time this week and post comments. Unfortunately, it just seems like there's never enough time.

May you have a productive week.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Oh, I love seeing all of the outfit pics together like that...thanks so much for compiling them! Also, I definitely love the idea of a weekly outfit post. I love seeing your cute outfits and fashion sense, so I vote yes!

Shawn said...

I hope you continue to post your Fashonista Tips!
I was telling my daughter about your challenge just this morning and will have her take a look at this last post!

Sally said...

It has been a RED LETTER day. A win in three catagories. Praising God and giving Him the glory. Yes on the fashion posts. It's just fun to see what someone else puts together.

Jenny said...

Ooo i like those clothes! :D

Meggy said...

Congrats on finishing!!!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I really enjoyed following your challenge, well done you :)

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Love the blog, and the photos! Both are very creative. And I totally agree that we (as women) typically have more mileage to our wardrobe than we realize! Thanks for sharing, (and for "following" my blog).


Jessica said...

congrats!! I am doing the challenge too! I am hoping I can complete it like you just did!!!