Sunday, April 17, 2011

this sunday

waking abruptly
the alarm shrills
stumbling down the stairs
i make coffee
through barely opened
the smell of the
brewed magic
starts to waft over me
which in turn begins
to make me
feel almost 'human' again
i hear from the family room
a small voice
saying, "Gah-anny"
as i shuffle into the room
i am met with a little boy
his morning bed-hair all sticking up
and a huge smile on that little face
he again says, "Gah-anny, hi!"
my heart melts into a pile of goo
as i stare at this boy
with the crazy morning hair
standing in the middle of the room
holding his blankie and wearing his
dinosaur jammies and a huge smile...
the granny then says, " good morning, my love"
he says, "good morning, gah-anny!"
my morning just became that much sweeter
all because of that sweet face
and adorable little voice...
coffee is almost forgotten
and the day seems just a bit brighter!

the park was wonderful
the sun stayed out the whole time
there was fun to be had with
running, laughing, swings, slides...and then
a looooong walk
we had a bubble wand
and so out in a field we stood
the wind picking up the
bubbles and blowing them high into the sky
'the boy' runs, chasing the elusive bubbles
and 'little one', watches 'the boy' and smiles
and then deep down in his throat
giggles burst up into the air
which makes his mommy and i smile
what a successful day in the park it was,
a very happy day indeed!

one more day
yep, one more day
and i have finished the
30 for 30 remix challenge.
it did go by pretty quickly
i learned that i actually have
lots of clothes that
i hardly ever wear
that shopping my closet
can be fun (so is the mall)
this is what my day 29 looks like;
it includes church, lunch and errands...

blue polka dot shirt,-kmart, pink striped tshirt-old navy, skinnies-jcpenneys, boots-kohls

my prayer today on this sunday;
may you be confident that you are lovely
may you share your smile, give it to someone today
may you shine your light into the world
may you let others know you care
may you be happy
may you be blessed
may you have peace
may you be thankful
and may you
be still and know
that He loves you.



Thisisme. said...

What a lovely prayer to finish with today melody-mae! Again, you have done so well with the outfit. I love the pink teamed with the blue polka dot shirt! Your two little grandchildren are adorable. It really is the best feeling in the world when we're with them, isn't it?! Sorry, I might have said that before!!

Eschelle said...

*sigh* gotta love their sweet little faces.

A Belle In The Desert said...

What a wonderful thing to wake up to! I love it when my nieces are visiting and I wake up to their smiling faces - such a blessing!

-dweej said...

What a sweet, beautiful morning! I can just seem he standing there all precious and squishy :) And how cute are they at the park? Too cute, that's how!

Robyn Burke said...

You are the only gal I know who can pull off wearing polka dots with stripes!! Amazing-- cute. Love your poems and your descriptions of the day with those beautiful boys. So, a shopping date to celebrate the end of your 30-30! :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Such a sweet sight to wake up to...even better than coffee. And you wrote about it so sweetly. :)

Your grandkids are absolutely adorable! Aw, tomorrow is the last day of the 30 for 30 challenge...I'm going to miss it!

Shelley said...

Oh so cute little guy in pj's saying good morning. Love the pics too. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Oh my lovely. I loved the poems. Your grandson is too adorable. Kids really make things all better, don't they!


Deanna said...

Ahhhhhh he is sweet!
Lucky you!

CONGRATS on your challenge....almost there.
May you have a wonderful Easter,

ben+alex said...

how cute is your blog! i am loving that outfit!!

new follower:)


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So, if you stop taking pictures of what you're wearing every day, I won't be able to look for you at the park.

Guess I'll have to keep my eye out for your sweet smile and beautiful red hair.

:) :) :)