Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one-third = day ten

day 10
one third
1/3=decimal: 0.33333333
1/3=fractional: 1/3
30 divided by 3=10

today is day ten
of my 30 for 30 remix challenge
this means i have
done ten days
and still need to
have two more sets of ten-
can i take that many
more pictures of myself?
mr. sun is hiding
his sweet face
our fickle
PNW weather
has decided to play games
and so
it is raining & overcast
yet again-
no mr. sun...so far today-
did he not get
my memo?
it is spring...time for sunshine
& new beginnings!

day ten;

white tshirt (yes it is from yesterday!) scarf (hot topic) jeans (kohls) black coat (thrifted) I love this coat it
feels like a sweatshirt!

off to meet my son in law
and pick up my two year old
grandson for the day...
no matter the weather
he brings sunshine into my

have a blessed day


Eschelle said...

super cute outfit!! I really love that scarf!!

EmptyNester said...

Cute outfit...AGAIN!

The sun went away on us too---only 53 yesterday and not much higher today. We did need the rain though. And more is on the way-should have known this would happen once I started buying plants for the garden. LOL

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

*cringes at the math* :) I HATE math. But I love your outfit today! Hope you had a fabulous day with your grandson...oh! I've been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE your Audrey Hepburn quote. It's so uplifting and perfect. I read it every time I visit your blog just to feel good :)

Shawn Becker said...

Love the scarf! I hope you had a wonderful day with The Little One, I will have some of the girls tomorrow night.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Love that black coat and white T! Really cute. Hope you had a great time with your grandson :)

Sick by Trend said...

great outfit day 10 :)



Deanna said...

great look!

Grands are awesome...smiling!

Ms. Blasé said...

"PNW weather has decided to play games and so it is raining & overcast yet again-"

My pastor's always telling me how I should check out Washington, particularly Seattle. Honestly, I get all excited about the idea of living there until I start thinking about the weather. Is it as rainy as I've heard? Then again, I don't think that would bother me because I stay indoors all the time anyway :)

Oh, and I love the business casual look you've got goin' on there! Very classy!

b. lee said...

sharp scarf! & I so heart blazers * what a chic grams * I'm positive u had a wonderful visit with ur grand-baby :)