Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what i wore on day eleven

so this is day eleven-
a day for running to costco &
a lunch date
with the hubs,
how sweet is that?
yep, life is good!

so this is what i am
wearing on this day;
day eleven

black peasant top (thrifted) scarf (forever 21) skinnies (jcpenneys)
close up this scarf...i love it, in all its silkie goodness!

and my favorite shoes right now...leopard flats (yep, these lovelies were thrifted too!!!)

and this is what day eleven of my 30 for 30 looks like!!!
have a wonderful wednesday
may you be a blessing to someone today
and may you be blessed too
because life is just too
not to be!



Ms. Blasé said...

Those shoes are priceless :)

Deanna said...

happy wednesday to you as well.
hope your day went well.
black outfit looks great,

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Those shoes are the most adorable shoes EVER!

Monica said...

I think you sould start your own business...dressing people with the clothes they already own.

I want you to come over and pick my outfits out for the next 30 days, well... it sounds good, and would save me a lot of time in my closet.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit.

Morgan said...

Lunch dates are the best!

Ok, I just read your about me and the part that says "granny," I don't believe it. You are WAY too young! :)

I love the outfit- so stylish and chic!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm loving your leopard flats so cute... and yes taking your own pictures is a pain in the butt. But for me there is no other choice haha so I have to deal with it!!

laura said...

Hi Melody, I really want to thank you for visiting me and following me, i really appreciate it... I also want to congratulate you on beating your breast cancer - twice! My mum is a survivor of breast cancer too... If only there was a cure.. I am sure we are not too far away!
Hugs to you;
laura xx

Shawn Becker said...

Now you are dressing in my style, minus the scarf...I could never pull that off! Love,Love Love the shoes!

my3littlebirds said...

Super cute shoes! I have been on the hunt for some leopard flats!