Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Sunday Song

Holy Spirit Have Your Way by : Leeland

I am so blessed each Sunday to hear my daughter and son- in- law, play and sing on our church worship team!
Today my daughter sang a solo with her husband accompanying her, they did this song for communion. How blessed...

'More of you and less of me'

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Robyn Burke said...

what an incredible blessing it was to be a part of worship that morning. that song will stay with me for a long time. beautiful~ just beautiful. love you!

melody-mae said...

thank you sweetie. they actually did it again yesterday!!! :) It is such a beautiful you too!

Thoughts for the day said...

beautiful song. Just found your blog it is always so encouraging to find bloggers near my age and stage of life. We have been married almost 37 years, have six grand children the last one is only a month old. I added your blog on my reader board. take care a 'reader from Oregon'.

Natasha said...

You are so lucky to be able to hear your family sing each week like that! You must be so proud!

This is a gorgeous song. I am so glad you shared it for Sunday Song. Thanks so much for linking up!

Blessings and best wishes,