Friday, October 15, 2010

fun in the mail.

I think friday will always be the best day...because it is the start of a weekend!
Even though my husband own/runs a dairy farm and doesn't really work the typical 9-5 kind of hours we
still look forward to weekends!

Tonight my husband is working late getting in the corn silage...
but today...was a fun day. It was like CHRISTMAS or my BIRTHDAY...I ordered  a huge order from mark.cosmetics! Oh my, I am excited. There is something so wonderful about getting new makeup and better yet, when it comes in a huge box and has everything wrapped in beautiful chocolate brown tissue paper!! How exciting is that?

mark. carries: lotions, makeup & perfume... jewelry & clothes... Oh my, How fun!!
I opened my box and I immediately wanted to try it all on...even though hubbie will be working late and I will be having a virtual date with CSI- NY & Gary Sinise... hehe. Still, I had to rush and try it all on. How fun, it is like playing dress up when you have all this new stuff. ;)

I am sitting here in my yoga pants, black hoodie with fun new makeup on! LOL Makes a girl feel all pretty don'tchya know!

My daughter is now a mark.rep so she also has an online store...if anyone is interested in checking the stuff out!
her website: she would be so pumped to get an order...she doesn't know I am putting it on my blog...;)

off to sit in my recliner looking fixed up with no where to go. ;) such is the life of a wife, mom and granny!

enjoy your friday evening and have a blessed weekend.


Whidbey Woman said...
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Whidbey Woman said...

Hello there! Yes, we have much in common. We both love and serve the Lord. You're a cancer survivor, I'm married to one.We both have girls going to Western.We both live in the NW corner of ths state. So lovely here! We are blessed, huh? Ron and I have been married 27 years, no grandkids yet. I am familiar with Lynden- have been there once. Spent most of my childhood frolicing in Birch Bay. So glad we found each other in cyberspace!

Betsy said...

Oh, how fun! I've heard good things about that brand of makeup!