Monday, May 14, 2018



spring is in the air
the smells waft on the breeze

it’s in the tree blossoms
that fill the tree lined streets
and gardens that overflow
with scented flowers

flowers, trees and smells
have a way of reminding
me of days gone by

in the flowering rhododendrons
on our farm
that my mother in law
planted many years ago.
when i pick a bouquet
it reminds me of her and her love
of gardening

when i see dogwoods along the roads
and in yards it reminds me of my dad
just a simple dogwood tree but,
memories of him spring to my mind

smells of lilac conjur up feelings of love...
did someone in my past wear lilac perfume?

as i sit here, i can hear the birds chirping
and singing their songs.
i love it.

sunshine. birds chirping.
beautiful bouquets of flowers
that sit at my table

is in the air
and it makes me smile.


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